marrowfat pea

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mar·row·fat pea

1. A plant of any of several cultivars of pea that produce large seeds.
2. A seed of one of these plants.
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Noun1.marrowfat pea - a variety of large pea that is commonly processed and sold in cansmarrowfat pea - a variety of large pea that is commonly processed and sold in cans
pea - seed of a pea plant used for food
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Not surprised, really, considering the wee man's napper is only marginally bigger than a marrowfat pea.
This thick, green sauce is made with marrowfat peas.
Today, the UK is one the world's leading producers and exporters of faba beans and marrowfat peas, as well as the world's biggest importers of white beans which are manufactured into iconic Baked Beans in tomato sauce.
I wrote down all sorts of fatuous comments - succulent, moist, fresh - it was indescribably good, with marrowfat peas, some whole, others mushed into a gorgeous minty mess, with Stokes's ketchup on the side, tasting of real Italian tomatoes.
It was followed by a tin of marrowfat peas, proving they are still available.
While it was served with piping hot, fresh chips and a generous trough of marrowfat peas, the real hidden gem was the sublime homemade tartar sauce which offset all of the composite parts perfectly.
But the marrowfat peas - a type of pea I adore - came as a sort of sharp, light green mayonnaise, which disappointed me.
Deep-fried cod with Cains Raisin Beer batter, marrowfat peas, hand-cut chips and tartare sauce Ingredients (serves 4) For the fish: 4 x 150g cod 125ml Cains Raisin Beer 100g self-raising flour 50ml milk Half a teaspoon of white wine vinegar Pinch salt and pepper For the chips: 1 large Maris Piper potato 2 litres vegetable oil For the peas: 200g marrowfat peas A little unsalted butter 50g unsalted back bacon finely shredded Pinch salt and pepper For the tartare sauce: 1 large gherkin 50g pinhead capers 1 hard boiled egg 2 anchovy fillets Handful of flat leaf parsley Juice of ' a lemon ' diced red onion, blanched 100g mayonnaise Pinch salt and pepper Method 1.
50 YEARS AGO Steamed suet roll, creamed potatoes, cabbage and marrowfat peas followed by semolina and jam.
Karoline wants to pitch for the Farrows Marrowfat Peas gig.
Margaret says: "It was a coincidence that the day before I was in the queue and noticed the chap in front had six bottles of beer and a tin of marrowfat peas (but no toilet rolls).