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Noun1.marsh plant - a semiaquatic plant that grows in soft wet landmarsh plant - a semiaquatic plant that grows in soft wet land; most are monocots: sedge, sphagnum, grasses, cattails, etc; possibly heath
lesser spearwort, Ranunculus flammula - semiaquatic Eurasian perennial crowfoot with leaves shaped like spears; naturalized in New Zealand
greater spearwort, Ranunculus lingua - semiaquatic European crowfoot with leaves shaped like spears
kingcup, marsh marigold, May blob, meadow bright, Caltha palustris, cowslip, water dragon - swamp plant of Europe and North America having bright yellow flowers resembling buttercups
rush - grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems
flagroot, myrtle flag, sweet calamus, sweet flag, Acorus calamus, calamus - perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots
Calla palustris, water arum, wild calla - plant of wetlands and bogs of temperate regions having small greenish flowers partly enclosed in a white spathe and red berries
Lysichiton americanum, skunk cabbage - clump-forming deciduous perennial swamp plant of western North America similar to Symplocarpus foetidus but having a yellow spathe
foetid pothos, polecat weed, skunk cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus - deciduous perennial low-growing fetid swamp plant of eastern North America having minute flowers enclosed in a mottled greenish or purple cowl-shaped spathe
iva, marsh elder - any of various coarse shrubby plants of the genus Iva with small greenish flowers; common in moist areas (as coastal salt marshes) of eastern and central North America
sedge - grasslike or rushlike plant growing in wet places having solid stems, narrow grasslike leaves and spikelets of inconspicuous flowers
cattail - tall erect herbs with sword-shaped leaves; cosmopolitan in fresh and salt marshes
sabbatia - any of various plants of the genus Sabbatia having usually pink cymose flowers; occur from acid bogs to brackish marshes
yellow-eyed grass - any of several rushlike plants, especially of the pine barrens of southern United States
Alisma plantago-aquatica, water plantain - marsh plant having clusters of small white or pinkish flowers and broad pointed or rounded leaves
arrow grass, Triglochin maritima - tufted perennial found in shallow water or marshland; sometimes poisons livestock
grass-of-Parnassus, parnassia - any of various usually evergreen bog plants of the genus Parnassia having broad smooth basal leaves and a single pale flower resembling a buttercup
Chelone glabra, shellflower, shell-flower, snakehead, snake-head, turtlehead - showy perennial of marshlands of eastern and central North America having waxy lanceolate leaves and flower with lower part creamy white and upper parts pale pink to deep purple
American brooklime, Veronica americana, brooklime - plant of western North America and northeastern Asia having prostrate stems with dense racemes of pale violet to lilac flowers
brooklime, European brooklime, Veronica beccabunga - European plant having low-lying stems with blue flowers; sparsely naturalized in North America
Sium suave, water parsnip - stout white-flowered perennial found wild in shallow fresh water; northern United States and Asia
greater water parsnip, Sium latifolium - large stout white-flowered perennial found wild in shallow fresh water; Europe
Sium sisarum, skirret - an Asiatic herb cultivated in Europe for its sweet edible tuberous root
aquatic plant, hydrophyte, hydrophytic plant, water plant - a plant that grows partly or wholly in water whether rooted in the mud, as a lotus, or floating without anchorage, as the water hyacinth
lizard's-tail, Saururus cernuus, swamp lily, water dragon - North American herbaceous perennial of wet places having slender curled racemes of small white flowers
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Three samples clipped from the stems of the marsh plant (Spartina spp.
Measurements collected on maximum canopy height, shoot density, and percent areal cover of the marsh plant community in the heavily ditched northern segment were compared to those of the marsh plant communities in the shoreline-altered southern segment and the less impacted central reference segment.
He is decorated with marsh plant and lotus motifs - symbols of rebirth which would be found in the hippo's habitat.
Schuyler says the fascinating marsh plant he named more than three decades ago now urgently deserves further study of its potential to decompose oil.
There are also plans to widen the product range by rearing clams, and to grow samphire, a salt marsh plant eaten as a salad.
There is good evidence that this marsh plant holds great promise as a candidate for phytoremediating petroleum contaminated sites.
The findings demonstrate that tanaid populations can be supported on diets of marsh plant detritus, but that overall ecological performance was highest on diets containing dead leaf blades of the dominant marsh plant, Spartina alterniflora.
Recovery from small-scale anthropogenic disturbances by northern California salt marsh plant assemblages.
TLR restoration investments include significant hydrology management to address water flows across the site and planting of freshwater marsh plant species supplied by RES' Point Aux Chene nursery.
In this study, we evaluated post-restoration recovery of a non-vegetated high marsh berm in Brookhurst Marsh, Huntington Beach, CA, with two active planting strategies: monoculture plots of the competitive dominant Sarcocornia pacifica (pickleweed) versus polyculture plots of pickleweed and eight other common salt marsh plant species.