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(ˈmɑr vi)

adj. Slang.


adj (+er) (US sl) → prima, klasse (inf)
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Proving the needed inside presence are Cameroonian Michael Mvogo, 6-foot-6 Jhumark Silvarez, 6-foot-5 Leonard Esguerra and 6-foot-3 Marvy Ramos.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 28, 2016-AT&T names Marvy Moore as new VP and GM for Georgia/South Carolina
There's one of him with his mother, Marvy del Rosario.
Samara Schuman is the daughter of Marvy and Howard Schuman of Eugene.
Smith Rebecca, David Bensman, and Paul Marvy (2012), "The Big Rig: Poverty, Pollution, and the Misclassification of Truck Drivers at American Ports," National Employment Law Project.
Michelle won a copy of Traditional Kimono Silks by Anita Yasuda and a set of 30 Graffiti fabric markers from Marvy Uchida for her great comment.
245 (2006) (surveying state law); Paul Marvy, Advocacy for a Civil Right
For example, only spirits consumption was significantly related to changes in liver cirrhosis mortality in a beverage-specific times-series analysis of five English-speaking countries conducted by Kerr, Fillmore, and Marvy (2000) and to suicide and homicide mortality in similar studies of Russia by Razvodovsky (2009) and Stickley and Razvodovsky (2011), whereas both spirits and beer had significant effects on homicide and suicide in a study of Sweden and Norway carried out by Norstrom and Rossow (1999).
Just Marvy silhouette magnet, available from All About Dance, $5.
1507 (2004); Paul Marvy & Debra Gardner, A Civil Right to Counsel for the Poor, HUM.