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A review of convention speeches of candidates from 1980 to 2008 demonstrates a consistent attempt to masculinize the male nominees as a means of showing their fitness for office.
motives for wanting to masculinize the Southern intellectual figure, neither of these issues matters so much as the fact that to accomplish the mascuhnizing project in his high literature he needed a medium bound to high culture's seeming opposite, popular culture.
Wal-Mart, in its efforts to dignify and masculinize the service economy in a new key, was of a piece with evangelicalism's growing preoccupation with and deployment of fatherhood, reproduction, and family values.
CHICAGO, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Eating disorders and disordered eating are commonly experienced by female athletes, and are many times brought on by the pressure female athletes feel to masculinize one's body.
Another argument would be that when Daniels, Frolich and the other sculptors used Roosevelt as the subject matter, this in itself served to masculinize the product.
In developing male primate brains, however, testosterone appears to masculinize directly without an estrogen intermediary (Li et al.
To be sure, the policies at these institutions do not particularly favor (at the Academy or elsewhere) feminine women--womanly, gentle, elegant, demure, nurturing, maternal, and beautiful--except as raw material for a process that will typically masculinize them.
Not only did it masculinize women's nationalism, she argues that the Daughters of the Revolution took a distinctly rightist turn, fighting radicalism and calling for a more secure nation.