mason's trowel

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Noun1.mason's trowel - a trowel used in masonrymason's trowel - a trowel used in masonry    
trowel - a small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade; used for scooping or spreading plaster or similar materials
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Installed by a caulking gun, or by manually trowelling using a mason's trowel or putty knife, CLK Sealant is ideal for firestop penetrations and construction joints, such as around metallic pipes or conduits, and for floor-to-wall, floor-to-floor and head of wall applications.
He says one of the first lessons in masonry is not to touch another mason's trowel once it's broken in and indented with that mason's grip.
TO CREATE A HYPERTUFA TROUGH, YOU WILL NEED: Portland cement (cement mixture without small rocks) Peat moss Horticultural perlite Fibermesh fiberglass fibers (optional, available at ready-mix concrete suppliers) Dust mask Rubber gloves 4-pound coffee can for measuring water Wheelbarrow or tub for mixing Mason's trowel Plastic container; bowl, plant container, dish part, or form Cooking oil spray Chicken wire (optional) Several 1/4-inch wooden dowels Plastic garbage bags Wire brush