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Noun1.masquerade party - a party of guests wearing costumes and masksmasquerade party - a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
fancy-dress ball, masked ball, masquerade ball - a ball at which guests wear costumes and masks
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"
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Volarath noted that in addition to a full-on masquerade party, the celebration will include demonstrations of the hottest trends in hair, nail and makeup styles this spring, along with salon-grade product giveaways, music, dancing, and cocktails/appetizers.
The Harvester's Pub & Terrace is hosting a Valentine's Beauty and the Beast Masquerade Party on February 14 from 9pm onwards.
Resorts World at the NEC New Year's Eve events at the site include a Masquerade Party in the Sky Bar, a 1970s Soul Train party at High Line, live music and DJ in the World Bar.
The group will then enjoy live jazz and homemade ice-cream at The Biscuit Factory, go to a mini masquerade party at Newcastle Castle and hold a final celebration at Sage Gateshead.
Notable events this year include: masquerade party with musical guest, The Norm, "In April" midnight horror film screening at Central State Hospital, awards show hosted by Canadian Actors Angelica Alejandro & Brandon James Sim, a midnight student films screening, a new sci-fi genre film block and block featuring films only shot in Georgia.
On December 31, DJ Livoo will welcome in the New Year at the venue's Black Tie Masquerade party.
And, at a masquerade party, the stakes are higher than before, as dreams are going to get shattered, according to the preview for this week.
When the pair don police uniforms, borrowed from Justin's failed attempt at pitching a cop-themed video game, to attend a masquerade party that they mistakenly assume is a costume party, they find themselves the recipients of adoring female attention and respectful deference from everyone with whom they come into contact.
Washington, March 25 ( ANI ): Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal has proved that she has more than just good looks, as she showed off her deejay skills at Playboy's annual Mansion Masquerade party on Saturday.
00 per couple, which includes a special menu and a masquerade party.
He had been drinking in the city centre, celebrating at a friend's masquerade party.
This year's "raining" queen has chosen School Garden Project, and she has opted for a larger venue for her masquerade party.