mass spectroscopy

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mass spectroscope

Any of various devices that use magnetic fields, electric fields, or both to determine the masses of isotopes in a sample by producing a mass spectrum. Two types of mass spectroscopes are the mass spectrograph and the mass spectrometer.

mass spectroscopy n.
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Noun1.mass spectroscopy - the use of spectroscopy to determine the masses of small electrically charged particlesmass spectroscopy - the use of spectroscopy to determine the masses of small electrically charged particles
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A new mass spectroscopy test by Ameritox became available in July; the test can identify three cathinone compounds and five other chemicals often found in bath salts.
The combination of chromatography with mass spectroscopy is said to be a useful technique which is being increasingly used by polymer chemists to improve existing polymers and to discover new ones with specific physical properties such as thermal stability and retention of properties over a long service life.
3] using a sensitive liquid chromatography tandem mass spectroscopy method.
Specific topics include techniques in cluster analysis, biomarkers in breast cancer, genome-wide proximal promoter analysis and interpretation, feature selection and machine learning with mass spectroscopy data, computational methods for analysis of two-dimensional gels, algorithms and methods for correlating experimental results with annotation databases, and analysis of biological processes and diseases using text mining approaches.
In the future, the use of mass spectroscopy and liquid chromatography testing may help catch more of the athletes who are abusing anabolic agents.
This disjunction points us to more quantitative determinations of hemoglobin content including measurements of hemoglobin fragments, such as hemorphins, using mass spectroscopy.
In the past, gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy were used to read the chemicals with a high degree of accuracy.
A recent publication in a biotech journal acknowledges a Top 10 pharmaceutical company has utilized Digilab's sample preparation and fractionation technologies to expose standard and novel diabetes substrates in a Fourier Transform Mass Spectroscopy experimental paradigm (Yates, et al.
That's why, in work-related testing, all positive screening tests are confirmed using gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy testing.
Using gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy, the team detected a substance called 2-pentylfuran in the breath of people infected with Aspergillus fumigatus but not in people presumed to be free of infection.
Typical applications include signal compression, time-resolved pulse and transient measurements, mass spectroscopy, particle detection and LIDAR systems.