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also mas·ta·bah  (măs′tə-bə)
An ancient Egyptian tomb with a rectangular base, sloping sides, and a flat roof.

[Arabic masṭaba, maṣṭaba, stone bench, from Aramaic masṭabtā, maṣṭabtā, bench, dais, perhaps from Greek stibas, bed of straw, bed, grave, or perhaps of Iranian origin; perhaps akin to Persian satāvand, portico, balcony.]


(ˈmæstəbə) or


(Architecture) a mudbrick superstructure above tombs in ancient Egypt from which the pyramid developed
[from Arabic: bench]


or mas•ta•bah

(ˈmæs tə bə)

n., pl. -bas or -bahs.
an ancient rectangular Egyptian tomb with sloping sides and a flat roof.
[1595–1605; < Arabic maṣṭabah]
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Noun1.mastaba - an ancient Egyptian mud-brick tomb with a rectangular base and sloping sides and flat roofmastaba - an ancient Egyptian mud-brick tomb with a rectangular base and sloping sides and flat roof; "the Egyptian pyramids developed from the mastaba"
tomb, grave - a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone); "he put flowers on his mother's grave"
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It also struck a number of vehicles in Mothalath Ahem with three sorties as well as a number of areas in Hiran and Mastaba districts in the province with seven raids, the source added.
A CDD statement said 8 people were wounded in a four-vehicle crash that occurred in Mastaba area in Jerash governorate.
3) The term tavern and some specific terminology Sufism: that, Flight, drunk and rand and clubs, Cups, tavern, Mastaba, office and stole the songs and.
22: Vielleicht handelt es sich bereits bei den Resten, die in Mastaba 16 in Maidum gefunden wurden, urn einen holzernen Kanopenkasten, siehe Gundacker (2006a: 36, Mm.
We will employ people here," the artist said, vowing to fund his project from selling sketches, photos and plans of the Mastaba to museums and international art collectors - just as he has done with much of his previous works.
It's hoped the 325-million-dollar Mastaba sculpture will become a landmark for the region.
Tresors inegales Le gouverneur de Guiza a indique que la ville regorge des tresors sans egal a travers le monde, illustrant le progres et la civilisation de l'Egypte antique, dont les pyramides, le sphinx, les pyramides de Mastaba et de Saqqara, des temples et les oasis.
In ancient Egypt the mastaba was a special kind of tomb where mourners made offerings at the symbolic door.
They discuss such topics as the art of Egyptian hieroglyphs as seen by the Akhmim painters, a spatial metaphor for chronology in the secondary cemeteries at Giza, the death of the democratization of the afterlife, variations in aspective representation in Old Kingdom mastaba chapels, and the economic connection between the royal cult in the pyramid temples and the sun temples in Abusir.
El Mastaba Cultural Centre, on the edge of the medieval quarter, focuses on Egyptian folk music, contemporary forms with ancient roots that have emerged in cities as well as the countryside.
The Mastaba of Neferseshemptah (Egypt Exploration Society Survey Memoir 41).
Of special interest is Christo's 1980 mixed-media work, The Mastaba of Abu Dhabi, Project for the United Arab Emirates, a drawing for a monumental project recently undertaken in the Emirate nearly 28 years after its first proposal.