master class

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master class

An advanced music class taught by an eminent musician.

mas′ter class`

a class for advanced music students taught by a distinguished musician.
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Noun1.master class - a class (especially in music) given to talented students by an expertmaster class - a class (especially in music) given to talented students by an expert
grade, class, course, form - a body of students who are taught together; "early morning classes are always sleepy"
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Fresh from his revolutionists, he was shocked by the intellectual stupidity of the master class.
Pierre Jalbert discusses composition with Junior Composition Competition winner Michael Bennett during the Composition Master Class.
JUDO ace Neil Adams will give pupils at Lordswood Boys School in Edgbaston a master class in the sport.
Everyone is fully aware of the extremely tough trading conditions the construction industry currently faces, and the Winning Bid Master Class will give West Midlands based businesses an edge against many others for work opportunities by providing the tools to present their thoughts and ideas in a robust, attractive and ultimately, successful manner.
NEARLY 70 youngsters from as far away as Coventry enjoyed a master class from double Olympic swimming medallist Nick Gillingham at Durham's Freeman's Quay pool.
All participants are treated equally, and, although all students will perform in this master class setting once each semester, performance majors will sing at least twice.
This Master Class is the second in a three-part series on the topic of preeclampsia, which is a relatively common complication of pregnancy that can result in severe morbidity and mortality if not well managed.
Theatre and opera director Sir Jonathan Miller will visit Cardiff University this week to host a master class.
Russian style ballet, Lyrical Competition Choreography, Master Class (718) 892-5479
The top young netball players from Middlesbrough have taken part in a high profile Master Class at Teesside University.
The first master class, 'Getting Started as a Tech Start-Up CEO', took place at Ooredoo's HQ1 building in two sessions.

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