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Mastoidectomy is required for tumors that extend into the mastoid cavity.
The main goals of open cavity mastoidectomy are to completely eradicate the disease, create a large enough meatus for examination and mastoid air cells, and provide a self-cleaning epithelized dry cavity, and achieve maximum hearing.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging revealed hyperintensity in T1 axial flair and T2 weighted images in both mastoid air cells and petrous apex involving Dorello's canal and Meckel's cave area on right side.
We compared tympanoplasty technique (using Wullstein classification), mastoid air-cell area measured by temporal bone computed tomography, preoperative aeration of the temporal bone, mean preoperative hearing (at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 2000 Hz), and patch effect calculated by the pre- and post-patch air--bone gap at frequencies of 250 Hz and 500 Hz among the three age groups.
Conchal mastoid distances were calculated from the superior and middle third of the ears before and after the operation, also in follow-up controls to determine the efficiency of the method.
CT scan was rechecked and showed soft tissue in the right mastoid and tympanic cavity, with an irregular osteolytic area involving tympanic cavity, zygomatic root, and zygomatico temporal junction [Figure 1]b.
In cases in which laterally based dermal flaps were used, the distal flap was first stitched to the mastoid fascia in the auricular sulcus; then, the conchascaphoid and conchamastoid sutures were covered.
Because of its location in the Prussak's space, acquired cholesteatomas of the pars flaccida generally displace the malle us head and the body of the incus medially From the Prussak's space, the mass can easily extend itself posteriorly in the superior incudal space towards the posterolateral portion of the attic, and then, through the aditus ad antrum, towards the antrum and the mastoid air cells10.
Compared with classical mastoidectomy, this method can avoid leaving the mastoid cavity open, without requiring frequent clearance of dry scabs in the surgical cavity.
Patient seen by general physician and stared her on antibiotic and analgesia as case of otitis media, patient improved regarding pain and edema subsided but she developed lump over the mastoid in right side.
A very painful swelling behind the ear in the bone called the mastoid bone.