mastoid antrum

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mas·toid an·trum

n. antro mastoideo, cavidad que sirve de comunicación entre el hueso temporal, el oído medio y las células mastoideas.
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Both types tend to grow posteriorly into the aditus ad antrum and the mastoid antrum.
Cholesteatoma and granulation tissue were removed from the mastoid cavity and middle ear, and the bony plate separating the mastoid antrum and the dura (tegmen tympani) was found to be eroded by the disease.
To our knowledge, only 44 cases have been reported since 1964, 12 of which were reported in the last 10 years, (1-7) Cholesterol granuloma is seen associated with chronic middle ear disease, most frequently in the mastoid antrum and air cells of the temporal bone.
During surgery, a mass of keratin debris was encountered in the epitympanum and mastoid antrum.
The osteoma in the mastoid antrum (patient 2) was found during a cortical mastoidectomy to treat an ear infection; in that case, the osteoma had arisen from the medial wall of the aditus.
Each specimen was dissected with great precision with a portable motor drill, starting from the mastoid antrum.