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Inflammation of the mastoid process and mastoid cells.


(Pathology) inflammation of the mastoid process


(ˌmæs tɔɪˈdaɪ tɪs)

inflammation of the mastoid process.
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Noun1.mastoiditis - inflammation of the mastoidmastoiditis - inflammation of the mastoid    
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat


[ˌmæstɔɪˈdaɪtɪs] nmastoidite f


n. mastoiditis, infl. de las células mastoideas.


n mastoiditis f
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There's also evidence that antibiotics make little difference to the proportion of children with recurrent infections, hearing loss, or perforated ear drum, while acute complications, such as mastoiditis, are rare whether antibiotics are given or not.
Gradenigo's syndrome, also called Gradenigo-Lannois syndrome and petrous apicitis, is a complication of otitis media and mastoiditis involving the apex of the petrous temporal bone.
Disorders discussed include dizziness and vertigo, tinnitus, Bell's palsy, otitis media, swimmer's ear, obstructions, malformations and growths, cancer, trauma, mastoiditis, perforations of the eardrum, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, and autoimmune diseases.
Simultaneous coexistence of complications of COM in the same case is a rare situation, and the present report describes a case with mastoiditis, Bezold abscess, lateral sinus thrombophlebitis, meningitis, and paraspinal abscess.
All 4 patients presented with otitis or mastoiditis.
Here, we presented a case of zygomatic root abscess resulting from an acute attack of masked mastoiditis.
Doctors diagnosed the young girl with mastoiditis, a serious bacterial infection that affects a bone behind the ear, and kept her in hospital for three days.
Doctors diagnosed her with mastoiditis, a serious bacterial infection that affects a bone behind the ear, and kept her in hospital for three days.
In the etiology, mastoiditis was found in three patients, mastoiditis and meningitis were found in combination in one patient, Behcet's disease was found in three patients and head trauma was found in one patient.
Diagnosis can be difficult as these lesions mimic other common conditions seen by the otolaryngologist, including otitis externa, acute mastoiditis, and gingivitis.
Acute mastoiditis and fatal intracranial complications, though rare in developed countries due to better medical facilities are relatively common in third world countries6, 7.