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1. A bullfighter who performs the final passes and kills the bull.
2. Games One of the highest trumps in certain card games.

[Spanish, from matar, to kill, possibly from Vulgar Latin *mattāre, to beat senseless, perhaps from Latin mattus, stupefied; see mat2.]




1. (Bullfighting) the principal bullfighter who is appointed to kill the bull
2. (Card Games) (in some card games such as skat) one of the highest ranking cards
3. (Games, other than specified) a game played with dominoes in which the dots on adjacent halves must total seven
[C17: from Spanish, from matar to kill]


(ˈmæt əˌdɔr)

the bullfighter in a bullfight who traditionally kills the bull.
[1665–75; < Sp, =mata(r) to kill + –dor -tor]
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Noun1.matador - the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bullmatador - the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bull
bullfighter, toreador - someone who fights bulls
مُصارِع الثيران


[ˈmætədɔːʳ] Nmatador m, diestro m


nMatador m


(ˈmӕtədoː) noun
the man who kills the bull in a bullfight.
References in classic literature ?
Then stepped forward Ordonez, the chief matador, with the long sword and the scarlet cape.
Afterward, when he is quite tired and no longer quick, the matador sticks the sword into him.
He ran away from the matador and the capadors, and circled the edge of the ring, looking up at the many faces.
I have seen clumsy matadors, and I tell you it is not nice.
He kept rushing the matador, who always slipped smartly and gracefully aside in time, waiting for a sure chance; and at last it came; the bull made a deadly plunge for him - was avoided neatly, and as he sped by, the long sword glided silently into him, between left shoulder and spine - in and in, to the hilt.
When the bullock has been dragged to the spot where it is to be slaughtered, the matador with great caution cuts the hamstrings.
He lived in a magnificent hotel and was one of the matadors of finance, did business with Ouvrard, kept open house, and led the scandalous life of the period,--the life of a Cincinnatus, on sacks of corn harvested without trouble, stolen rations, "little houses" full of mistresses, in which were given splendid fetes to the Directors of the Republic.
Featuring a motivationally-charged and catchy mix of music, Major League Baseball 2K6's soundtrack features 19 songs, including songs from influential Matador artists such as Interpol, Stephen Malkmus, Pavement, Belle & Sebastian, and Guided By Voices.
This business combination of Committee Bay and Matador will create a company poised to take advantage of the near term production capability of the Coolgardie Project while advancing its prospects in Northern Canada and Western Australia through exploration of two greenstone belts with world class gold potential.
It was just one of several big plays Chitwood made for the host Matadors en route to a career-high 30-point performance in a 102-98 non- conference men's basketball victory over former Big Sky rival Eastern Washington.
High expectations for CSUN women: The Matador women were picked to finish fourth in both the coaches and media polls Thursday, despite last season's seventh-place finish in conference play.
Matador and Austminex will commence drilling later this month at key targets within the newly acquired CGP after the newly established Joint Venture made an outstanding aggregate settlement payment of A$3,464,053 cash (less rehabilitation costs for the CGP), plus the issue of 5 million Austminex shares to the Vendors.