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A box in which to keep matches.


a small box for holding matches



a small box for matches.
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Noun1.matchbox - a box for holding matchesmatchbox - a box for holding matches    
box - a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid; "he rummaged through a box of spare parts"
عُلْبة الكبريت، عُلْبَة عيدان الثَّقاب
krabička zápalek
škatuľka zápaliek
škatlica za vžigalice
kibrit kutusu


[ˈmætʃbɒks] Ncaja f de fósforos or cerillas


[ˈmætʃbɒks] nboîte f d'allumettes


[ˈmætʃˌbɒks] nscatola di fiammiferi


(mӕtʃ) noun
a short piece of wood or other material tipped with a substance that catches fire when rubbed against a rough or specially-prepared surface. He struck a match.
ˈmatchbox noun
a box for holding matches.
References in classic literature ?
There was a gold watch, for one thing, with a chain and locket; there was a silver pencil, and a matchbox, and a handful of small change, and finally a cardcase.
My dear Dorian," answered Lord Henry, taking a cigarette from his case and producing a gold-latten matchbox, "the only way a woman can ever reform a man is by boring him so completely that he loses all possible interest in life.
Then he fumbled in his bag, and taking out a matchbox and a piece of candle, proceeded to make a light.
He would fetch a man a mile to ring a bell a yard off--if it would summon another man three miles to fetch a matchbox three yards off.
With writing it seems to me there's so much"--she paused for an expression, and rubbed her fingers in the earth--"scratching on the matchbox.
To my exceeding joy he stamped his little foot, and was so naughty that, in gratitude, I gave him five minutes with a matchbox.
He was about to throw away the matchbox too, but checked the movement of his hand and put the box in his pocket instead.
But directly he added with an appearance of simplicity, "The side of your iron ship would have been crushed in like- like this matchbox.
He extended his hand to put back the matchbox in its corner of the shelf.
Entering the other, he felt all over his table for the matchbox.
Matchbox were a band who updated this rockabilly style and and brought it, very successfully, to an Eighties pop audience.