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(ˈmætləʊ) ,




(Nautical Terms) slang chiefly Brit a sailor
[C20: from French]


(ˈseɪ lər)

1. a person whose occupation is sailing or navigation; mariner.
2. a seaman below the rank of officer.
3. a naval enlistee.
4. a flat-brimmed straw hat with a low flat crown.
[1540–50; earlier sailer]
syn: sailor, seaman, mariner, salt are terms for a person who leads a seafaring life. A sailor or seaman is one whose occupation is on board a ship at sea, esp. a member of a ship's crew below the rank of petty officer: a sailor before the mast; an able-bodied seaman. mariner is a term found in certain technical expressions: mariner's compass (ordinary compass as used on ships); the word now seems elevated or quaint: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. salt is an informal term for an experienced sailor: an old salt.
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The mare, who was ridden by James Crowley, got home by a head from Russ Garritty on Beau Matelot.
Among these have been Toco/ Matelot, Carlsen Field, Mayaro/ Guyaguare, Tunapuna/ Curepe (for the orphan homes), Rio Claro, Siparia and Penal -A[degrees]?
Stage 4: Feasibility Assessment and Business Planning This awareness project is part of a bigger sea turtle bycatch initiative aimed at reducing sea turtle bycatch on the Northeast Coast in the area of Matura to Matelot (M2M).
Look out for red, navy and white capri pants, striped matelot tops and off-the shoulder necklines inspired by Marni and Alberta Ferretti.
Striped matelot tops rounded off the mouthwatering display.
He told us he was in the Army before he started acting and he was like a matelot like the rest of us.
Thank Zeus again, this time for the 15-year-old son who took to the helm like a pro matelot.
Sunderland's Mowbray Park boasts a fine Victorian memorial to the famous Mackem matelot.
Now Pekka Tillikainen and Beatmakers have released their own version of one of the Brum band's biggest hits, Matelot, which made the Finnish charts in 1965.
The musical, with its music and lyrics by the great Jerry Herman and its story by Harvey Fierstein, is set within the heart of St Tropez (although with an absence of any kind of matelot, it might just as well be set in the heart of Paris) and here we follow the dramatic not to mention emotional ups-and-downs of the owner Georges (Adrian Zmed) and his long-time partner, the vivacious, hard-edged drag queen Albin aka Za Za (the totally amazing John Partridge with the totally amazing voice which could take him into grand opera if he wished).
Traducir el titulo como Deux ans de la vie d'un matelot [Dor anos en la vida de un marinero] habria sido demasiado explicito, cuando lo que se requeria era hacerse eco de la jerga nautica que Dana emplea con tan soberbio efecto.
The study, which was performed in France, was reported at the EuroPRevent congress 2014 in Amsterdam by David Matelot, from the Inserm 1099 unit in Rennes, France.