Material cause

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that of which anything is made.
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The first remedy or prevention is to remove, by all means possible, that material cause of sedition whereof we spake; which is, want and poverty in the estate.
If there was a life hereafter he knew nothing of it, for he knew that science had demonstrated the existence of some material cause for every seemingly supernatural phenomenon of ancient religions and superstitions.
A security source told The Daily Star that the kidnapping was most probably driven by material causes and that a ransom demand would ensue.
This universal probability bound provides an absolute basis on which to establish a rejection region for undirected material causes of specified events.
By slowly allowing the air to deflate from the bladder, the weight of the material causes the blend to flow gently from point A to point B without any free fall, which would likely lead to de-blending.
ANON * READING Mr Alan Simpson's letter about the obscene lottery payouts and our obsession with all things material causes me to comment on his opinion.
He said that CDA would also take severe action against the owners of buildings who dump the building material in streets and roads as this material causes hassle to public as well traffic.
The decomposition of this material causes a release of stored nitrogen that then stimulates the ring of infected grass to grow faster that the grass around it.
Just the TE material causes a contamination which prevents concurrent use of equipment for both types of product.
One hypothesis involves the merging of two white dwarfs, while the other sees a white dwarf stealing material from a Sun-like companion star, and the accumulating material causes the dwarf to become unstable and explode.
And this very fact, namely, that the divisionary factors are different causes, makes it impossible for them to be mutually subordinated in the manner of dichotomous division: material causes, efficient causes and place cannot serve as differentiae to one another.
Publishing such material causes great hurt to us, our father, our mother's family and all those who loved and respected her.