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Noun1.material resource - assets in the form of material possessionsmaterial resource - assets in the form of material possessions
assets - anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company
riches, wealth - an abundance of material possessions and resources
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In 1876 it was hesitating halfway between doubt and confidence, between the old political issues of North and South, and the new industrial issues of foreign trade and the development of material resources.
Happily, their father, completely absorbed in a practical, scientific, and approving contemplation of the topography and material resources of the scene of his future labors, had no time to notice their defection.
In a world where material resource constraints drive a cascade of decisions that affect our research portfolios and our future, the greatest challenge facing the coatings industry is innovating to meet the demands of a dynamic and constantly-evolving marketplace.
Company's flooring systems contribute seamless, chemical resistant surfaces to the food and beverage industry, as well as contributing to LEED certification credits for both Material Resource (MR) and Environmental Quality (EQ).
New technologies and sustainable management techniques can provide greater conservation, efficiency and control over energy, water and material resource costs that lead to greater values.
Material Resource Recovery (MRR)--part of the Bennett Environmental Inc family of companies--offers a two-page flyer describing its one-source odorant equipment decommissioning services.
The multilingual software (French, German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish) enables companies to manage scheduling easily and, provides an accurate global view of human and material resource use in real time.
CIO, a provider of financial and material resource management software, will become a key strategic partner for Speedware.
The demand on the limited raw material resource is causing problems in the supply chain.
A company should introduce the practice of value reporting wherever it has made material resource investments, including initiatives that do not require the use of technology.
material science and engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, proved the efficacy of statewide steel can recycling efforts as an environmental measure and as a means of capturing and reusing a valuable raw material resource for foundries.
Recent reports confirming Heinz's commitment to the market demonstrates that strenuous efforts will continue to be made to grow the world market using a raw material resource which some experts believe is hardly exploited, due to its prolific breeding ability.

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