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Past participle: materialised
Gerund: materialising

I materialise
you materialise
he/she/it materialises
we materialise
you materialise
they materialise
I materialised
you materialised
he/she/it materialised
we materialised
you materialised
they materialised
Present Continuous
I am materialising
you are materialising
he/she/it is materialising
we are materialising
you are materialising
they are materialising
Present Perfect
I have materialised
you have materialised
he/she/it has materialised
we have materialised
you have materialised
they have materialised
Past Continuous
I was materialising
you were materialising
he/she/it was materialising
we were materialising
you were materialising
they were materialising
Past Perfect
I had materialised
you had materialised
he/she/it had materialised
we had materialised
you had materialised
they had materialised
I will materialise
you will materialise
he/she/it will materialise
we will materialise
you will materialise
they will materialise
Future Perfect
I will have materialised
you will have materialised
he/she/it will have materialised
we will have materialised
you will have materialised
they will have materialised
Future Continuous
I will be materialising
you will be materialising
he/she/it will be materialising
we will be materialising
you will be materialising
they will be materialising
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been materialising
you have been materialising
he/she/it has been materialising
we have been materialising
you have been materialising
they have been materialising
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been materialising
you will have been materialising
he/she/it will have been materialising
we will have been materialising
you will have been materialising
they will have been materialising
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been materialising
you had been materialising
he/she/it had been materialising
we had been materialising
you had been materialising
they had been materialising
I would materialise
you would materialise
he/she/it would materialise
we would materialise
you would materialise
they would materialise
Past Conditional
I would have materialised
you would have materialised
he/she/it would have materialised
we would have materialised
you would have materialised
they would have materialised
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Verb1.materialise - come into beingmaterialise - come into being; become reality; "Her dream really materialized"
hap, happen, occur, come about, take place, go on, pass off, fall out, pass - come to pass; "What is happening?"; "The meeting took place off without an incidence"; "Nothing occurred that seemed important"
come out, appear - be issued or published; "Did your latest book appear yet?"; "The new Woody Allen film hasn't come out yet"
dematerialise, dematerialize - become immaterial; disappear
líkamnast, holdgastverîa aî veruleika


(məˈtiəriəl) noun
1. anything out of which something is, or may be, made. Tables are usually made from solid material such as wood.
2. cloth. I'd like three metres of blue woollen material.
1. consisting of solid(s), liquid(s), gas(es) or any combination of these. the material world.
2. belonging to the world; not spiritual. He wanted material things like money, possessions and power.
3. essential or important. evidence that is material to his defence.
maˈterially adverb
to a great or important extent. Circumstances have changed materially.
maˈterialize, maˈterialise verb
1. to take solid or bodily form. The figure materialized as we watched with astonishment.
2. (of something expected or hoped for) to happen. I don't think her plans will materialize.
maˌterialiˈzation, maˌterialiˈsation noun
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Under the partnership, Materialise will provide pre-operative planning services directly to the surgeon via interactive, web-based collaboration tools, and will fabricate intra-operative guides and anatomical models.
This event marked the second collaboration between Anouk Wipprecht, Niccolo Casas and Materialise (the first being the Smoke Dress) and continued Anouk and Niccolo's study on how to combine the body and technology with 3D Printing.
Materialise will also be sponsoring the 2014 European Altair Technology Conference taking place in Munich, Germany from June 24-26.
Chambers, who will continue his career within the Materialise group, also sees potential to increase the global reach of Orthoview's current product portfolio as a result of the transaction.
that manufactures rapid prototypes and functional parts with production-grade thermoplastics; and Materialise Industrial Services, a leader in rapid prototyping & manufacturing services, that houses the largest capacity of RP equipment in Europe.
Through their Mimics Innovation Suite software and HeartPrint services, Materialise was able to transform Ariana's CT scan into a 3D printed, life-like replica of her aorta enabling the cardiology team to precisely plan treatment and practice the intervention prior to the procedure.
Materialise Dental is one of the independent market leaders in dental implantology simulation software and one of the worldwide leaders in medical modeling technology.
The Museum of Art and Design chose Wilfried Vancraen as one of this year's honorees due to the more than twenty years that Materialise has been working with designers and scientists to help expand design, manufacturing, and biomedical research into new frontiers, while remaining committed to artistic creativity, sustainability and the improvement of people's lives.
This is why the MiiCraft Builder seamlessly integrates the Materialise Build Processor with an intuitive front-end solution.
Materialise NV (NASDAQ: MTLS) said it has acquired UK-based OrthoView Holdings Limited, the world`s leading provider of 2D digital pre-operative planning and templating solutions for orthopedic surgeons.
RedEye shipped a total of 12 FDM systems to date, to its European location hosted by Materialise, a European leader for rapid prototyping and manufacturing services.
based Consensus plans to use the Acetabular Cup Orientation (ACO) Hip Guide System from Materialise.