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n. pl. ma·te·ri·al·i·ties
1. The state or quality of being material.
2. Physical substance; matter.


1. the state or quality of being physical or material
2. substance; matter


(məˌtɪər iˈæl ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties for 2.
1. material nature or quality.
2. something material.
[1520–30; < Medieval Latin]
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Noun1.materiality - relevance requiring careful consideration
relevance, relevancy - the relation of something to the matter at hand
immateriality - complete irrelevance requiring no further consideration
2.materiality - the quality of being physical; consisting of matter
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
concreteness - the quality of being concrete (not abstract)
palpability, tangibility, tangibleness - the quality of being perceivable by touch
substantiality, substantialness, solidness - the quality of being substantial or having substance
reality - the quality possessed by something that is real
incorporeality, immateriality - the quality of not being physical; not consisting of matter


1. The fact of being related to the matter at hand:
2. That which occupies space and can be perceived by the senses:
References in classic literature ?
It was a folly, with the materiality of this daily life pressing so intrusively upon me, to attempt to fling myself back into another age, or to insist on creating the semblance of a world out of airy matter, when, at every moment, the impalpable beauty of my soap-bubble was broken by the rude contact of some actual circumstance.
I even conceived on that account a sort of admiration for that man, who had (apart from the intense materiality of what was left of his beard) come as near to being a disembodied spirit as any man can do and live.
Now, in the natural sciences truth is always a desideratum; and I confess it would seem to be equally so in the present case of domestic uncertainty, which may be called a vacuum where according to the laws of physic, there should exist some pretty palpable proofs of materiality.
Appropriate not only for professional anthropologists but for anyone with an interest in the field, this 41st volume focuses on the two main themes of materiality and climate change within recent anthropology articles.
Mayer's materiality analysis was impeccable, and she really connected with the jury," said defense counsel John Valentine of WilmerHale.
In Kyles, the Supreme Court conspicuously refused to analyze the prosecutor's knowing use of false testimony, and only made a comparison between the Bagley materiality standard and harmless error analysis.
Evaluation and assessment of the mental and practical processes of independent auditors to evaluate of the materiality level of explanatory paragraphs written down in financial audit reports in Iran", Master of Art's thesis, Tehran University, p: 12.
During last decade, the academic literature was interested in the quantitative factors to explain the materiality judgments (Holstrum and Messier, 1982; Iskandar and Iselin, 1999; Messier et al.
Despite this oversight, the book is an important contribution to work on premodern materiality and adds to B.
Nor am I to be understood to be urging abdication of the responsibility of courts to clean up the materiality doctrine "mess" I describe herein.
Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) Materiality in Planning and Performing an Audit supersedes SAS No.
Materiality is "the amount or amounts set by the auditor as an error, an inaccuracy or an omission that may lead to annual misstatements, as well as the fairness of the results, of the financial statements and of the enterprise's patrimony" (ISA 320, Audit Materiality, 2007).