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Noun1.mathematical function - (mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)mathematical function - (mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)
multinomial, polynomial - a mathematical function that is the sum of a number of terms
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
mathematical relation - a relation between mathematical expressions (such as equality or inequality)
expansion - a function expressed as a sum or product of terms; "the expansion of (a+b)^2 is a^2 + 2ab + b^2"
inverse function - a function obtained by expressing the dependent variable of one function as the independent variable of another; f and g are inverse functions if f(x)=y and g(y)=x
Kronecker delta - a function of two variables i and j that equals 1 when i=j and equals 0 otherwise
metric, metric function - a function of a topological space that gives, for any two points in the space, a value equal to the distance between them
transformation - (mathematics) a function that changes the position or direction of the axes of a coordinate system
isometry - a one-to-one mapping of one metric space into another metric space that preserves the distances between each pair of points; "the isometries of the cube"
operator - (mathematics) a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation
circular function, trigonometric function - function of an angle expressed as a ratio of the length of the sides of right-angled triangle containing the angle
threshold function - a function that takes the value 1 if a specified function of the arguments exceeds a given threshold and 0 otherwise
exponential, exponential function - a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent
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After establishing the frequency distribution of analytes measured with the Olympus analyzer, we applied the mathematical function to a large number of samples from a diverse hospital population and determined the cumulative distribution of the probability of detecting short samples.
This spatial patterning framework successfully predicts memory retention as a mathematical function of time and location overlap.
Bitcoin mining is based on the computation of a cryptographic mathematical function commonly known as the SHA-256 hash function.
Taking into consideration the order of the dots on the graphic we can appreciate that between the two variables there is a direct statistical link and the mathematical function that best fits this connection is the liniar function.
The mathematical function is discussed in section 4 followed by the conclusion in section 5.
The new USE Controller EMS integrates both outdoor and indoor temperatures with a proprietary mathematical function to help the boiler run more efficiently and to cycle the boiler off and on when specific temperature presets are achieved.
So when we are told that certain predictions are based on computer modelling we should be aware that someone owns the intellectual property rights of that program, and as no outsider has access to that program or is able to examine every mathematical function such modelling should be considered highly subjective.
In what follows we will demonstrate how the RMT approach helps in advancing the notion of mathematical function in underachieving students.
One of his more influential works was a book which presented an analysis of a mathematical function widely known as the "plasma dispersion function" or simply the Z-function.
A simple mathematical function is developed for the description of these gestalts which can encompass complementary tendencies (as in the principle of Yin and Yang) in their dynamic interplay and, thus, can reflect the change in gestalts.
a California-based computer-related technology corporation ("Log Point")(OTCBB:LGPT) has announced new extensions to its line of high performance, high reliability, software mathematical function libraries for execution on embedded microprocessors and related new extensions to its line of high performance, high reliability, mathematical function microcircuit designs.
For instance, it provides a derived mathematical function for the inverse cosine shown in Equation 13 (Microsoft Visual Basic 1995, pp.

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