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Noun1.mathematics teacher - someone who teaches mathematicsmathematics teacher - someone who teaches mathematics  
geometry teacher - someone who teaches geometry
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 14 (ANI): A Class 3 student lost hearing ability in his right ear after his mathematics teacher in Delhi's Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir allegedly slapped him.
Welcome to the first issue of The Australian Mathematics Teacher for 2017.
The method of teaching is very important for teacher of any subject generally and for the mathematics teacher particularly.
High on its list of priorities was the production of a regular journal for teachers, soon to be known as The Australian Mathematics Teacher.
Handbook of Research on Transforming Mathematics Teacher Education in the Digital Age
Evidence is something that readers--be they secondary or tertiary mathematics teachers, or involved in mathematics teacher education--would no doubt consider an essential component of mathematical literacy.
The mathematics teacher must pace lessons whereby pupils may be successful in mastering the content presented.
Analyzing the educational aims and curricula of teacher preparation programs in the two countries, we suggest that mathematics teacher knowledge may be influenced not only by social expectations in particular sociohistorical contexts but also by evolving transnational discourses on education.
The findings of point 9 reveal that less proficiency in computer use influences the time of mathematics teacher which they spent in the use of the internet, where about below than 40% use internet just 1-7 hours a week while about 50% of them spend over 12 hours a week.
The mathematics teacher must indeed have broad, indepth knowledge of subject matter as well as in teaching and learning.
Although this climate provides an exciting opportunity for mathematics teacher educators of both content and pedagogy, there is not a clear path as to how to integrate these two historically separate facets of teacher education to facilitate prospective teacher learning, as well as structure teacher education and professional development programs and supporting curricula.
As a mathematics teacher, I feel this would be a great way for visual learners to be able to see the difference between rational and irrational numbers.

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