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Noun1.mathematics teacher - someone who teaches mathematicsmathematics teacher - someone who teaches mathematics  
geometry teacher - someone who teaches geometry
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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The one colleague whom he could rely on was an experienced mathematics teacher, but she was teaching only three days a week at the most.
Building on our work as part of a two-year professional development project for mathematics teacher educators, and drawing from research on features of high-quality professional development programs, we propose a model for the professional development of teacher educators who teach mathematics content courses as part of elementary teacher preparation programs.
This is equally a function of how mathematics teachers effectively employ the ICT facilities in helping students in their classroom.
Initially, the article encouraged me to be an outstanding mathematics teacher and to challenge all of my students (including those who used braille) to master their mathematics studies.
Mathematics teachers must expect reasonably high standards of achievement from pupils.
Mohammad Mohsin Jowher, a 48-year-old mathematics teacher, said his favourite constant was the humble "e".
The DAMTT asks the participant to draw a picture of himself or herself as a mathematics teacher at work and to describe what the teacher and students are doing in the drawing.
Computers and school mathematics reform: Implications for mathematics teacher education.
Tom Downey, Mathematics Teacher, The Rivers School, Weston, MA
Mr Thomas Locksley, a mathematics teacher, said many pupils had drink problems and used 'appalling' language.
Using survey methodology, this study examined the beliefs and practices of mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) regarding the integration of technology in their teacher education programs.
a mathematics teacher who ultimately obtained a CPA license in New Hampshire.

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