tr.v. math·e·ma·tized, math·e·ma·tiz·ing, math·e·ma·tiz·es
To treat or regard mathematically.

math′e·ma·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌmæθɪmətaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Mathematics) the act of interpreting or expressing mathematically, or the state of being considered or explained mathematically
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Allowing key historical questions to be seen from a plurality of angles might offer an alternative to the stranglehold of academic factionalism; and keeping the human, lay element in the equation might soothe the spirits of historians concerned with the loss of the "humanistic" spirit in the throng of mathematization and the further detachment of academia from the concerns of the broader society.
We shall focus on those arguments and disregard other aspects of the mathematization of economics.
23) For considerations concerning the benefits and costs of mathematization with regard to Austrian economics see Hudik (2014).
The mathematization of life expresses itself most pointedly in the distinction made by Galileo and Descartes (and others) between primary and secondary qualities of a substance.
With each successive wave of technical innovation the logic has undergone fundamental changes in velocity, speed and scope with an accompanying emphasis on processes of abstraction, formalization, and mathematization that enable and reward autonomous digital network systems.
Thus Minayo begins his debate, retaking the issue of scientificity of qualitative data that is so questioned by those who defend that the objectivity of science is synonymous to neutrality and mathematization.
With each subsequent series of technical cutting edge, the logic has gone through major alterations in swiftness and extent (Popescu, 2016a, b; 2015), with an additional stress on mechanisms of abstraction, formalization, and mathematization that empower and recompense independent digital network systems.
flexible, relationship dimension, flexible, flexible and model of flexible degree, the existence of, can describe the relationship between the unity of opposites and contradictions of transformation, provides mathematization of dialectical logic symbolic.
The Language of Nature: Reassessing the Mathematization of Natural Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century
It was not the highbrow science of Newton, perhaps, that made the difference in the eighteenth century, but the lowbrow concepts of approaching the study of nature through careful measurement, precise formulation, well-designed experiments, empirical testing, mathematization, and above all the belief that such activities were virtuous, respectable, and could lead to economic and social rewards.
It is an aspect of increased symbolization, mathematization, and computerization of financial markets that are trends within knowledge capitalism.
Contemporary multiplication processes of indexes calculation formulas have two trends, one already visible of extrem axiomatization and mathematization, based on Torngvist and Divisia indexes models, which culminated with the school of axiomatic indexes, and another, of resumption of the logic stream of economic significance of index construction, specific for the latest international constructions at the end of the twentieth century, respectively the integration variants of additive construction patterns or additive-multiplicative mixed models, close to the significance of real phenomena.
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