matilija poppy

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ma·til·i·ja poppy

A woody perennial plant (Romneya coulteri) of California and Baja California, having large white flowers with yellow centers.

[After Matilija Canyon in southwest California.]
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Noun1.matilija poppy - tall branching subshrub of California and Mexico often cultivated for its silvery-blue foliage and large fragrant white flowersmatilija poppy - tall branching subshrub of California and Mexico often cultivated for its silvery-blue foliage and large fragrant white flowers
genus Romneya, Romneya - one species: matilija poppy
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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Other possibilities include the Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri), called fried egg plant on account of its white flowers with yellow centers, and big berry manzanita (Arctostaphylos glauca), with blue foliage and cinnamon bark.
Native plants Most chapters of the California Native Plant Society have sales this month, prime time for planting natives such as ceanothus and Matilija poppy.
Matilija Poppy Festival: featuring the "fried egg" flower, special tours, children's activities, refreshments, speakers on garden topics and more.
More flowers bloom: red paintbrush, orange monkey flower, the eggs-over-easy exuberance that is Matilija poppy.
There are at least six different poppy species any Valley gardener can grow: the Iceland poppy, California poppy, Shirley poppy, Mexican tulip poppy, Oriental poppy and Matilija poppy.
Mary Elizabeth Parsons [author of the 1897 book The Wild Flowers of California] called the matilija poppy 'the queen of all our flowers,' and I concur," says Mike Evans of Tree of Life, a wholesale nursery in San Juan Capistrano, California.
Brilliant white and yellow poppies - the garden's pride and joy - will be showcased at its annual Matilija Poppy Festival at the end of May.
In this region, the splashy Matilija poppy usually appreciates some dappled shade and a little more water than it would need in milder areas of Southern California.
She also recommends planting California natives, such as California lilacs (Ceanothus) and Matilija poppy, in October and November.
The inner courtyard garden blooms with more than 200 species of plants, including Matilija poppy, Mexican sage, and wisteria.
Take a wander through some of our local nurseries to find California bloomers in ceanothus, the Matilija poppy, Banksia rose, salvias or native penstemmons.
Some of the showiest perennial natives are the yellow flowered California buckwheat, woolly blue curls, the Matilija poppy, Cleveland sage and Carpenteria.