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1. A woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe.
2. A woman who dominates a group or an activity.
3. A highly respected woman who is a mother.

ma′tri·ar′chal (-är′kəl), ma′tri·ar′chic (-är′kĭk) adj.
ma′tri·ar′chal·ism n.


(ˌmeɪ triˈɑr kəl)

also ma`tri•ar′chic,

of or pertaining to a matriarch or matriarchy.


Describes a society in which the positions of power or dominance are held mainly by women. No historical proof of a truly matriarchal society has been found.
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Adj.1.matriarchal - characteristic of a matriarchymatriarchal - characteristic of a matriarchy  
maternal - characteristic of a mother; "warm maternal affection for her guest"- Dorothy Sayers
patriarchal - characteristic of a form of social organization in which the male is the family head and title is traced through the male line
مُجْتَمَع أُمومي، تَحْكُمُه الأمهات
ana erkil


[ˌmeɪtrɪˈɑːkl] ADJmatriarcal


[ˌmeɪtriˈɑːrkəl] adj [society] → matriarcal(e)



[ˌmeɪtrɪˈɑːkl] adjmatriarcale


(ˈmeitriaːk) noun
a woman who is head and ruler of her family or of a tribe.
ˌmatriˈarchal adjective
of, like, ruled by etc a matriarch or matriarchs. a matriarchal society (= a society dominated by women).
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Myriam Moscona, whose writing is largely informed by her Hebraic heritage, reinvents or revitalizes matriarchal symbols.
Being raised in a matriarchal society, Tommie (Bird Clan) has embraced the unconquered spirit of the strong Seminole women that had to overcome tremendous challenges just to survive and exist in the Native and non-Native world.
Suchet was apparently after something lighter to work on and, after being pushed into a corset, powdered and sculpted by make-up artists, he was wonderfully amusing as the matriarchal figure who binds the haywire plot together in act three.
The gallery's website explained, "Ishiuchi Miyako's images document the traditional Tehuana dresses that both concealed the damage to her lower body and acted as a feminist salute to the matriarchal society from which they are derived.
MIn the Daily Post newsroom it's around half and half leading to lively discussions as to what makes the series about an extended Irish family headed by a matriarchal mother of ve so popular.
Using this plague and her subsequent immunity to her advantage, Joy attempts to seek out her estranged mother to gain back the sense of self-love she lost in the absence of a matriarchal figure.
When she's asked to wear the matriarchal family heirloom, it's all too much and she shuns the wedding, taking a shift at the supermarket instead.
Violet, the first name of the matriarchal Dowager Countess of Grantham played by Dame Maggie Smith, made the top 100 girls' names for 2013, jumping to 78th from 123rd in 2010, with 709 girls so named.
But this wondrous piece would fall short without a strong, matriarchal Mrs Johnstone.
Accents wandered here and there among the large cast, but plenty of the performers take their chances well, including Sharon Whitehead as the matriarchal Golde and Suzy Hellawell as Yente, the Matchmaker.
As it turned out, he had fallen from the play equipment, spoken to the dinner nanny who, in true matriarchal form, had hugged him and sent him back out to play, whereby he was winded by a flying rugbyball.