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1. The act of killing one's mother.
2. One who kills one's mother.

[Latin mātricīdium and mātricīda : mātri-, matri- + -cīdium and -cīda, -cide.]

mat′ri·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
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In counterpoint to the chorus's emphasis on Clytemnestra's murder of Agamemnon and the consequent justice of matricidal violence (Euripides, Electra 1147-64, 1168-71), Orestes anticipates the criticism directed against Apollo by the Dioscuri ex machina, and predicts his ongoing alienation from the religious and civic inclusion requisite to membership in the polis:
From the matrixial angle, matricidal phantasy is akin to suicidal phantasy.
5) For a more detailed account of what immediately preceded the matricidal act, including the role the nine-year-old apprentice played in the course of events, see Hitchcock (2005: 2829).
Physically too, when Elektra urges her to join the matricidal plotting.
The Bastard's allusion to Nero for instance stands as a matricidal threat in The Troublesome Raigne: "As cursed Nero with his mother did, / So I with you, if you resolve me not" (1.
You died"--could as easily be addressed to the matricidal infant as to the soldiers Frederic laments.
Articulating the matricidal urge that is fundamental to this parable of modernism, Wharton's and Cather's novels are forceful replacement-narratives that are master-minded by the desires of narrating and writing men who are obsessed with exhuming and burying the body of the mother.
The Tories had not recovered from their treacherous act of the matricidal back-stabbing of Margaret Thatcher, a Prime Minister who had led them to three victories.