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One who matriculates or is a candidate for matriculation.
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A matriculant with a diploma in paralegal studies, he refined his business plan at the Raymond Ackerman Academy after recognising his own grandparents difficulties in collecting their medicines.
Matriculant age at anticipated matriculation, 1992-2001.
The AAMC reported that the average grade point average for a medical school matriculant is 3.
Dunn, first matriculant to sign on the dotted line.
Figure 1: Education Levels for Entrants to the Queensland Public Service 1967-87 Grade 10 Junior Grade 12 Examination Senior For year or Public Examination ended 30 Service or previous June Examination matriculant Graduate No % No % No % 1967 1101 68.
If they fail all three attempts, students may appeal their results before being asked to withdraw from matriculant status.
BLACK OR AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEDICAL SCHOOL GRADUATES BY UNDERGRADUATE INSTITUTIONS, 2011 SCHOOLS TOTAL Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA 60 Howard University, Washington, DC 43 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 26 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 22 Yale University, New Haven, CT 21 Duke University, Durham, NC 20 Stanford University, Stanford, CA 20 Spelman College, Atlanta, GA 19 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI 18 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 18 NOTE: BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN GRADUATES ARE RACE ALONE OR IN COMBINATION SOURCE:AAMC DATA WAREHOUSE:APPLICANT MATRICULANT FILE, AS OF 5/9/2012
The young matriculant enters medical school and typically undergoes a 6-year undergraduate training programme.
Let's assume that this second piece also had an 8 percent inquiry to matriculant conversion rate.
applicant and matriculant data, and discuss medical school
Above is a grid that contains a number of key variables including the cost to print and mail, search size, cost of the search package, percent who respond, number who respond, percent respondents who matriculate, number of matriculants, and final cost per matriculant.