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One who matriculates or is a candidate for matriculation.
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An honors program should not turn qualified students away just because they do not match the typical matriculant.
An 18-year-old matriculant goes to the beach with friends to celebrate his school results.
Bar Ass'n, ABA Law School Data: JD Matriculant Data, Fall 2016 (2016) http://www.
Carr's first contact with the Basilians came when, as a recent high school matriculant who had passed a course in German, he was hired to teach German at St.
A matriculant with a diploma in paralegal studies, he refined his business plan at the Raymond Ackerman Academy after recognising his own grandparents difficulties in collecting their medicines.
The third son of a justice of the common pleas, a member of an old distinguished Leicestershire family, and a matriculant of Broadgate Hall, Oxford, Francis Beaumont (ca 1584-1616) became a member of the Inner Temple (where his two brothers also resided) on 3 November 1600 around the age of sixteen, apparently because his father arranged for his admission.
Matriculant age at anticipated matriculation, 1992-2001.
The AAMC reported that the grade point average for a medical school matriculant is 3.
The AAMC reported that the average grade point average for a medical school matriculant is 3.
Figure 1: Education Levels for Entrants to the Queensland Public Service 1967-87 Grade 10 Junior Grade 12 Examination Senior For year or Public Examination ended 30 Service or previous June Examination matriculant Graduate No % No % No % 1967 1101 68.
If they fail all three attempts, students may appeal their results before being asked to withdraw from matriculant status.