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Noun1.matzoh ball - a Jewish dumpling made of matzo mealmatzoh ball - a Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal; usually served in soup
dumpling, dumplings - small balls or strips of boiled or steamed dough
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Marcie Cohen Ferris's monograph Matzoh Ball Gumbo (2005) explores both possibilities in demonstrating how Eastern European Jewish food has united with the traditions of the American South.
We celebrated Passover each spring more as a cultural rite (waiting impatiently for the matzoh ball soup as Grandpa davenned the Hagadah), wore suits and ties on the High Holy Days in the fall ("out of respect," my mother said, and, boy, was it a scandal in the apartment house when my friend Mitchell was seen heading for the playground on Yom Kippur in dungarees), and the boys suffered through endless early evenings in Cheder, paying dues toward that one Saturday morning when the bar mitzvah boy would be called to read from the Haftorah (when the congregation would be outnumbered by friends and relatives whose synagogue experiences were usually limited to such occasions).
Just like my grandmother used to make," added Marv Smith of Chatsworth, eagerly awaiting soup centered with a light-but-firm matzoh ball "the size of a softball.
Ceremonial foods and a full course meal with vegetarian matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, vegetarian main course, tzimmes, salad and dessert will be included.
Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South by Marcie Cohen Ferris The University of North Carolina Press October 2005, $34.
You can feast on matzoh ball soup and kosher meatballs .
I'm Jewish because love my family Matzoh ball soup I'm Jewish because my fathers mothers uncles grandmothers said "Jewish," all theway back to Vitebsk & Kaminetz-Podolska via Lvov.
She secured the firm as official judges of the International Federation of Competitive Eaters' inaugural Matzoh Ball Eating Championship; aligned the firm with the Holocaust Museum Houston (HMH) by underwriting the "Darfur: Photojournalists Respond" exhibit; generated buzz for the firm's own esteemed photographer, Sam Gainer, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science; and threw a blazing hot 60th Anniversary party for GD&D in appreciation of the firm's clients and team members.
But then what do you do on Pesach when you can't have egg noodles--the matzoh ball or knaidel emerges.
Ceremonial foods and a full-course vegetarian meal with matzoh ball soup, tzimmes, salad and dessert will be included.
The column has led her to take a vow of silence, work as a street performer, compete in a matzoh ball eating contest, and to enter and win the Mrs.