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also mat·zoh  (mät′sə, -sō′, -sô′, mät-sä′)
n. pl. mat·zos also mat·zohs (mät′səz, -sōs′) or mat·zot or mat·zoth (mät-sôt′)
A flat, usually brittle piece of unleavened bread, eaten especially during Passover.

[Yiddish matse, from Hebrew maṣṣâ; see mṣ́ṣ́ in Semitic roots.]


(ˈmætˈsəʊ) or




(ˈmætsə) or


n, pl matzos, matzohs, matzas, matzahs or matzoth (Hebrew maˈtsɔt)
(Judaism) a brittle very thin biscuit of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten during Passover
[from Hebrew matsāh]


or mat•zoh

(ˈmɑt sə)

n., pl. -zos or -zohs (-səz) -zoth, -zot, -zos (-soʊt, -soʊs)
unleavened bread in the form of large wafers, eaten by Jews during Passover.
[1840–50; < Yiddish matse < Hebrew maṣṣāh]
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Noun1.matzo - brittle flat bread eaten at Passovermatzo - brittle flat bread eaten at Passover
bread, breadstuff, staff of life - food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked


nMatze f, → Matzen m
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MY MATZO CHREMSEL TIME: 1/2 hour, plus 1/2 hour's refrigeration INGREDIENTS: 3 plain unsalted matzos, broken into bite-size pieces, soaked in cold water for one minute and gently squeezed dry 2 tablespoons dried currants 2 tablespoons almonds, coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons dried apricots or prunes, coarsely chopped 3 large eggs, separated 1/4 cup matzo meal 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup granulated sugar, more for sprinkling if desired 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Zest and juice of one lemon Vegetable oil (kosher for Passover), for frying Confectioners' sugar (kosher for Passover), for sprinkling if desired.
Transfer matzo to a cooling rack and make remaining matzos the same way.
1-feet long by 41-inches wide, and was the equivalent of 336 regular matzos.
But you also need the matzos, the food, for sustenance," he said.
Manischewitz Company is the nation's largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products including matzos, noodles, crackers, cakes, cookies, soups and processed fish products.
MATZO PIZZA 2 servings Prep Time: 5 Minutes Cook Time: 8 Minutes 2 matzos 1 cup Ragu(R) Old World Style(R) Pasta Sauce 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (about 4 oz.
Matzos, saltwater and wine are part of the tradition, too.
Manischewitz Company, LLC subsidiary is the nations' largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products including matzos, noodles, crackers, cakes, cookies, soups and processed fish products.
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Serves 6 to 8 1 medium eggplant, peeled and sliced 1/4-inch thick 1 medium onion, sliced 1/4-inch thick 1/4 cup peanut oil salt and pepper 2 cups meatless marinara sauce 2 matzos 10 slices (10 ounces) Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese (or substitute by cutting 10 one-ounce slices from a whole bar of Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese) 4 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1.
Brewer said Passover is heavy with Christian symbolism: the striped matzo representing the scourges of Jesus; Father, Son and Holy Spirit seen in the three matzos; the sacrificial lamb that spared the Jews' firstborn from the Angel of Death.
Another is a biscuit made with crushed matzos and egg.
The Matzo Ball is often misspelled as matzoh ball, matzoball, matza ball, matzos ball, matzoh ball, matzaball, and was formerly known as the jdate matzo ball.