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a. A heavy, long-handled hammer used especially to drive stakes, piles, or wedges.
b. A heavy hammer having a wedge-shaped head and used for splitting logs.
2. Sports
a. A play in Rugby in which a mass of players gathers around a ball carrier being tackled and attempts to gain possession of the ball when it is released.
b. The mass of players during such a play.
tr.v. mauled, maul·ing, mauls
a. To injure or mutilate, as by scratching or beating: stories of hikers mauled by wild animals; a boxer who mauled his opponent. See Synonyms at mangle1.
b. To defeat handily: The home team was mauled in the season opener.
2. To handle or treat roughly, causing damage: The package was mauled by the careless messenger.
3. To split (wood) with a maul and wedge.

[Middle English malle, from Old French mail, from Latin malleus; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]

maul′er n.


1. an instance of being criticized, or the act of criticizing
2. an instance of being seriously injured or damaged, or the act of seriously injuring or damaging
3. (General Sporting Terms) sport the act of defeating easily, or an instance of defeating or being defeated easily


n to get a mauling (player, team)vernichtend geschlagen werden; (author, book)von der Kritik verrissen werden
References in classic literature ?
As an instance, this very morning Biddy, remembering a secret mauling at the hands of Lerumie, laid teeth into his naked calf and threw him sprawling into the water, trade-box, earthly possessions and all, and then laughed at him, sure in the protection of Mister Haggin who grinned at the episode.
Like a lioness, when the cook-boy had struck him with a stick to drive him out of the kitchen, had Biddy sprung upon the black, receiving without wince or whimper one straight blow from the stick, and then downing him and mauling him among his pots and pans until dragged (for the first time snarling) away by the unchiding Mister Haggin, who; however, administered sharp words to the cook- boy for daring to lift hand against a four-legged dog belonging to a god.
Flung out with such force as to be smashed against the near end of the cage, Michael fell to the floor, tried to spring up, but crumpled and sank down, his right shoulder streaming blood from a terrible mauling and crushing.
Only Otobu remained to face the enemy, for the Englishman, already weak from his wounds and from the latest mauling he had received at the claws of the lion, had lost consciousness as he sank to the ground with this new hurt.
It had lain dormant for some time following the painful mauling he had received that time he leaped among the apes of Kerchak clothed in the skin of Numa; but this joke was a decided success.
or yellow beak (as they called the new arrivals at the university), whom he had been mauling by way of welcome; a precious tradition which has been carefully preserved to our own day.
At the sight of the thing--a man mauling with his bare hands one of the most relentless and fierce of the jungle carnivora--Mugambi's eyes bulged from their sockets, and from entertaining a sullen respect for the giant white man who had made him prisoner, the black felt an almost worshipping awe of Tarzan.
What might have happened, but for a timely interruption, may only be surmised; but that the trainer would have received a severe mauling, if nothing more, was clearly indicated by the attitudes of the two who faced him.
Since the video of Relos' mauling went viral, the MMDA has been criticized by netizens for its personnel's treatment of a vendor who was just trying to make a living.
The coconut vendor and the 13 Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) enforcers, who were involved in the video of the mauling incident which went viral, tested negative for illegal drugs.
Although cases of predatory animals mauling humans are not common, they are also not unheard of.
I'm one of the fatties so I love scrummaging and mauling and for me that's great.