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(mɑːn; mɔːn) or




a dialect word for must1
[C14: from Old Norse man must, will]
References in classic literature ?
A man maun leave fether and mother (I'm yer fether), and cleave to his wife.
I maun joost see that the cook's;'s dune her duty--the creatures are no' capable o' decidin' that knotty point for their ain selves.
I wasna in the way when ye cam' here, or I suld ha' made bauld to ask ye the question which I maun e'en ask noo.
King George is to whistle for his rents; he maun dow with less; he can spread his butter thinner: what cares Red Colin?
Sine as ye brew, my maiden fair, Keep mind that ye maun drink the yill.
Furthermore, Letsebe said they were intending to host the annual BOTESSA marathon which would be held in Maun around November.
Tenders are invited for Earth Work/Silt Clearance For Improving Drainage Capacity Of Maun Nala At Km 47.
On this day people observe Maun Vrat, in which they dedicate and try connecting to one's inner self to God.
Flights start at around $3,500 USD to Maun, and from there a private air charter must be arranged from Maun to the camp.
The partnership with Air Botswana, the national airline of Botswana, will provide Qatar Airways passengers with connections to the Botswana cities of Gaborone, Francistown and Maun via Qatar Airways' South Africa gateway Johannesburg.
When my niece Joy, the author of this book, announced in very few words by email to a few of us close family and relatives that she was leaving Timor Leste for good including her husband, Maun Fernando Lasama de Araujo as well (a few months before he died) so many questions swirled back and forth in my mind.
Taking off from Maun, a town known as the gateway to this majestic oasis - we gazed upon herds of elephants padding across the patchwork of islands and streams that make up the delta.