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[Middle English, from Old French mauvis, probably from mauve, seagull, mew.]


(ˈmeɪvɪs) or


(Animals) a popular name for the song thrush
[C14: from Old French mauvis thrush; origin obscure]

song′ thrush`

a common Eurasian thrush, Turdus philomelos, with a melodious song.
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Noun1.mavis - common Old World thrush noted for its songmavis - common Old World thrush noted for its song
thrush - songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast
genus Turdus, Turdus - type genus of the Turdidae
References in classic literature ?
Near at hand, upon the topmost spray of a birch, sings the brown thrasher -- or red mavis, as some love to call him -- all the morning, glad of your society, that would find out another farmer's field if yours were not here.
He and Mavis had celebrated 25 years of marriage in March.
Once the initial shock subsided, 17-year-old Mavis rushed out of the toilets and raised the alarm with an usherette.
This is because Mavis, 78, has been captain of not one, not two, but THREE different golf clubs.
Another Canadian literary luminary, Margaret Atwood, tweeted: ''Very sad to hear that Mavis Gallant has died.
A post-mortem examination has found that Mavis died of natural causes and her devoted daughter may have collapsed with a sudden heart attack.
Neighbour Richard Green (no relation), 41, said: "It turned out Mavis died of natural causes and Val died soon after.
Mavis lost her grandson Steven Preece, 51, to leukaemia last year and wanted to raise money for the charity in his memory.
The Port Antonio and Mavis Bank Properties are subject to a 2% net smelter royalty.
David was a fine footballer and while Mavis wasn't that keen on sport, she would often watch him play.
With a feather duster in one hand and a few tricks up her sleeve, Mavis is on a journey north to see nature's biggest light show with her own eyes.
Convinced that humans are a threat, Dracula builds a hidden castle-like hotel in the woods where monsters can take refuge (and where he can hide vampire Mavis forever).