mazel tov

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ma·zel tov

also ma·zal tov  (mä′zəl tôf′, tôv′, tōv′)
Used to express congratulations or best wishes.

[Mishnaic Hebrew mazzāl ṭôb, good luck : mazzāl, constellation, destiny (ultimately from Akkadian manzaltu, mazzaztum, position of a star, from izuzzu, to stand; see ḏwḏ in Semitic roots) + ṭôb, good; see ṭyb in Semitic roots.]

ma•zel tov

(ˈmɑ zəl ˌtɔv, ˌtɔf, ˌtoʊv)

(used to express congratulations).
[1860–65; < Yiddish < Hebrew mazzāl tōbh good luck]
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He told America's Today Show: "I was not invited but I sent Mary-Kate a mazel tov text.
But let me refer back to a family expression that I think is appropriate to this occasion, and say to you: Mazel Tov.
At 13 we'll have our first drink together, black bar mitzvahs, mazel tov, mogul talk," the Daily Star quoted him as singing.
Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote, "Obama drew a larger percentage of Jews nationally (78) than Kerry had (74) and -- mazel tov, Sarah Silverman -- won Florida.
Siegel that the Jewish song wishing good fortune to a bride and groom, Chussen Kalle Mazel Tov (in Yiddish) has the same melody as the blues song St.
We circle around the four in a healing, prayerful incantation of song and dance, as if through our spell we can cast mazel tov like grains of confetti.
Congratulations, mazel tov also for your daughter's wedding.
Mensch places high on the "well-known-o-meter" for non-Jews, falling somewhere between mazel tov and heimish, according to Sarah Bunin Benor, a professor of contemporary Jewish studies at Hebrew Union College, who was in the audience when Gore dropped the M-word.
Patnie Papers boasts one of the most comprehensive and popular selections of interfaith greeting cards, including cards for Jewish New Year, Chanukah, and everyday occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvot, Mazel Tov and Weddings.
21--Color) Mazel tov to Mandi Steiner, 12, of West Hills, whose ``Kosher Turkey'' observes the 11th commandment: ``Thou shalt be unique.
Stammer was joined by David McCarty, Vice President of Lucille Farms in a Mazel Tov Toast to commemorate the event.