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adj. maz·i·er, maz·i·est
Resembling a maze, as in design or complexity; labyrinthine.

maz′i·ly adv.
maz′i·ness n.
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Fettes was far through his third tumbler, stupidly fuddled, now nodding over, now staring mazily around him; but at the last word he seemed to awaken, and repeated the name
Redmond mazily dribbled infield from the right, teasing and drawing in Palace defenders, and the ball was recycled on the other flank.
Only a superb challenge by Adam Drury prevented Kluivert's delicious 12th-minute pass from reaching Ameobi in front of goal, and the England Under-21 striker just failed to climb high enough to convert Milner's cross after the midfielder cut in mazily from the right four minutes later.