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n. Informal
A mean or petty-minded person.


(ˈmiːnɪ) or


n, pl meanies
1. chiefly Brit a miserly or stingy person
2. chiefly US a nasty ill-tempered person
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Noun1.meanie - a person of mean dispositionmeanie - a person of mean disposition  
oppressor - a person of authority who subjects others to undue pressures
إنْسان حَقير، خَسيس، أناني
kicsinyes ember
ahlâksız kimse


[ˈmiːnɪ] N he's an old meaniees un tío agarrado


n (esp Brit inf: = miserly person) → Geizhals or -kragen m; (= nasty person)Miststück nt (inf)


(miːn) adjective
1. not generous (with money etc). He's very mean (with his money / over pay).
2. likely or intending to cause harm or annoyance. It is mean to tell lies.
3. (especially American) bad-tempered, vicious or cruel. a mean mood.
4. (of a house etc) of poor quality; humble. a mean dwelling.
ˈmeanly adverb
ˈmeanness noun
meanie noun
(also meany) (slang) a mean, bad and selfish person.
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Too meanie to get Deeney WATFORD were stunned to receive a bid from QPR for Troy Deeney that was PS3.
The geezer has previous (he was a meanie to his girlf) and has a friend with a motive.
Etherly titles include "Baxter The Bully," "Maxine The Meanie," "When I Fall Asleep" and "Winter Arrives This Summer.
for a special meet and greet with The Blue Meanie, Nova, Thomas Rodman and many other wrestlers.
MEANIE council bosses have been blasted for leaving a town's main square in the dark in their pounds 14,000 Christmas lights switch-on.
Fortunately, ``American Idol'' meanie Simon Cowell had already headed out by the time the band went on, or we're afraid there would have been some cutting remarks about their talents, especially since his show had lost earlier to fellow partygoer Phil Keoghan's ``The Amazing Race.
About 90 people came Saturday to see the likes of The Blue Meanie, Little Nasty Boy, Diafullah the Butcher and Gentleman George Michael, among others.
Call me a meanie but if you ask me that is far too much money - especially if there are a couple of kids in a house and a lot of teeth doing the rounds.
My character is that duplicitous meanie I somehow specialise in.
What The Butler Saw was set up by two Cardiff girls - known only by the mysterious titles Meanie Treats and Miss Lady Lollipop - earlier this year after Meanie got involved in the burlesque scene while living in London.
He's the ``decider,'' but my guess is that using eenie, meanie, mynie and mo to make those decisions isn't quite what the American people had in mind.
If I had told the Meanie whatI really thought, I probably would have been arrested.