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1. Possible to be measured: measurable depths.
2. Of distinguished importance; significant: a measurable figure in literature.

meas′ur·a·bil′i·ty n.
meas′ur·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.measurability - the quality of being measurablemeasurability - the quality of being measurable  
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
ratability - the quality of being capable of being rated or estimated
scalability - the quality of being scalable
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Revenue ActionAlerts(TM) are integrated into existing workflows and are automatically tracked by the platform to provide performance measurability and management visibility.
As for measuring environmental effectiveness, the Standard does follow some of the principles of green chemistry but falls short in several areas such as measurability and significant measurable difference, identification of "hotspots," and consideration of lifecycle stages, according to ACI.
The experts during agreed on definition of 28 key indices on the basis of index efficacy, importance and measurability.
The topics include what a singular trace is, symmetric operator spaces, commutator subspace, Lidskii formulas for Dixnier traces on Lorentz ideals, measurability in Lorentz ideals, and residues and integrals in noncommutative geometry.
We must build on their simplicity, on their measurability.
The positions have become available because of a combination of digital marketing's resilience through measurability and a strong second quarter for us with new client wins and successful product launches.
Initiative partnered with Gulf Marketing Review to conduct an online survey with 250 senior marketers, with the aim of understanding how the recession is affecting marketing budget allocation in the Middle East and the growing need for accountability and measurability within the advertising industry.
The report includes both those indicators that most closely satisfy the criteria of policy relevance, analytical soundness, measurability, and ease of interpretation, and those that are less developed or of importance to only a few countries.
But the audit focused on measurability and how we make a tangible difference to our clients' bottom lines.
Web analysis services help marketing executives address measurability challenges by helping them better understand the data that is produced by web analytics tools and how to strategically apply that data to their marketing efforts.
The AAA issues A Statement of Basic Accounting Theory (ASOBAT), which proposes evaluating accounting information based on its relevance, verifiability, freedom from bias and measurability, and says such information should be oriented to the user.
Our goal is to lead the way in bringing creative accountability and measurability to our clients.