meat grinder

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Noun1.meat grinder - a mill for grinding meatmeat grinder - a mill for grinding meat    
milling machinery, grinder, mill - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
2.meat grinder - any action resulting in injury or destruction; "the meat grinder of politics destroyed his reputation"; "allied forces crumbled before the Wehrmacht meat grinder"
aggression, hostility - violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked
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In our process, wheat was sprouted until the rootlets were about 3/8 inches long, then ground in a large meat grinder.
SADDAM Hussein shouted out in defiance yesterday over claims his lieutenant used a human meat grinder.
This was a meat grinder,'' Littlerock coach Stuart Young said.
Although Maverick still carries some specialty electrics, such as a meat grinder and slicer and an egg cooker, the company has staked its claim in the field of time and temperature products for the cook.
It was like I was being forced into a meat grinder.
More than any other advanced nation, Israel has lived in an emotional meat grinder since its founding in 1948.
The Army was hungry for bodies to feed into the meat grinder at that time (2008) and significantly lowered its already relatively low standards to fill the quota requirements.
Customers Can Update A Commercial Kitchen With a New Meat Grinder
Place a meat grinder, medium die, bowl and paddle of electric
Remove 1/2 of skinless breast and put twice through a meat grinder with the finest attachment or puree in a food processor.
The kettle, meat grinder, sausage press and planks for the meat cutting table were scrubbed.
Sur La Table has recently featured in its catalog everything from rustic-looking wooden butter molds to an Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser, which Behnke said "we sold a hundred of," to a meat grinder, apple peeler/corer and products for canning and preserving, such as a tomato press and rolling mincers for herbs.