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Noun1.meat packer - a wholesaler in the meat-packing businessmeat packer - a wholesaler in the meat-packing business
jobber, middleman, wholesaler - someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers
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Doug Beatty announced today in a Real Audio interview that they have begun shipping their sows to the world's largest meat packer on Tuesday.
The former chairman of Osaka meat packer Hannan Corp.
A meat packer was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of delivering Australian beef which was falsely labeled as a domestic product for school lunches in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, and defrauding the municipal government of the expense, police said.
a meat packer based in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, was indicted Wednesday over false labeling of meat products, the Hokkaido District Public Prosecutors Office said.
A MAN fired from his job as a meat packer took out a cowardly revenge by attacking the man he blamed with a golf club.
Meat packer Mark and jobless Cindy Hill had one of two winning tickets in America's biggest-ever Powerball jackpot.
Brazil-based Marfrig Alimentos SA, considered to be the world's fourth-largest meat packer, has said that it has hired Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE: CS), Itau Unibanco Holding SA (ITUB4.
SensorQ[TM] is applied by the meat packer, distributor, or grocer to the inside wrap of uncooked meat and poultry packages and detects food-borne bacteriological levels right inside the package.
Normand was a truck driver for Franco American Coal Company and for Western Pork Packers, where he also worked as a meat packer.
It is the first Italian meat packer to adopt the Darfresh[R] VSP system to pack fresh meat in consumer units of premium quality.