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n. pl. me·a·tus·es or meatus
A body opening or passage, such as the opening of the ear or the urethral canal.

[Latin meātus, passage, from past participle of meāre, to pass; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

me·a′tal (-təl) adj.


(Anatomy) anatomy relating to, affecting, or forming a meatus


a. meatal, concerniente al meato.
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He had stricture of the urethra and meatal narrowing after having a transurethral prostate resection.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses showed evidence of the ethmoidectomy and a right middle meatal antrostomy in addition to left ethmoid opacification (figure, A).
27) The surgical management involves complete removal of the polyp (both antral and nasal parts) and wide middle meatal antrostomy, along with correction of any predisposing anatomic variants.
WLE was superior to glansectomy in terms of overall complications, as three cases of meatal stenosis were reported after the latter procedure.
Tenders are invited for Ultra Pro Uretheane Seam Sealer In Gray Clour For Meatal Sealing In 310 Ml Pack Make 3M R Similar Boss, Desoto, Fosroc And Bondoas Per 3M Or Smilear
The HOSE is a validated scoring system that incorporates the evaluation of meatal location and shape, urinary stream, straightness of erection, presence and complexity of urethral fistula.
Late complications include inadequate removal of skin, skin bridges, chordee, epidermal inclusion cyst, urethrocutaneous fistula, and meatal stenosis.
Endoscopically guided middle meatal cultures correlate well with maxillary punctures, but are not indicated routinely.
1) Incision and removal of the vesicle did not resolve the retention, necessitating suprapubic catheterisation and dilatation of a meatal stricture, with gradual regaining of full micturition control.
Daily meatal cleansing is not recommended in patients with indwelling urinary catheters to reduce catheter-associated bacteriuria.
Bacteria usually migrate along the internal and external surfaces of the catheter from the urine collection bag or meatal region causing adhesion and biofilm formation.
The complaint asserted that the circumcision resulted in known complications of adhesions and meatal stenosis and that due to those complications, corrective surgery was required in July 2006.