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1. One who has received a medal.
2. Sports The winner at medal play in a golf tournament.
3. One who designs, makes, or collects medals.


(ˈmɛd l ɪst)

1. a person to whom a medal has been awarded.
2. a designer of medals.
Also, esp. Brit.,med′al•list.


a person who wins a medal in a sport, game, performance, etc. See also engraving.
See also: Honors and Regalia
an engraver, designer, or maker of medals. See also honors and regalia.
See also: Engraving
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Noun1.medalist - someone who has won a medalmedalist - someone who has won a medal    
winner, victor - the contestant who wins the contest
2.medalist - (golf) the winner at medal play of a tournamentmedalist - (golf) the winner at medal play of a tournament
golf, golf game - a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes
golf player, golfer, linksman - someone who plays the game of golf
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Khalid Noor, a double SAF gold medalist and current national coach disclosed that Babar Iqbal will assist him.
In the men's snowboard superpipe competition, 2014 Winter Olympic gold medalist Iouri Podladtchikov will face a collection of competitors vying to top the podium, including Ayumu Hirano and Danny Davis.
The TPE-S compounds, Medalist MD-8421, MD-8431 and MD-8451, comprise a series within the Medalist product range, a diversified family of high-purity medical elastomers that also includes other TPE types, among them TPVs.
World Championship silver medalist Lidya Chepkurui of Kenya and bronze medalist Sofia Assefa of Ethiopia will give Chemos a challenge.
Jamaican Andrew Riley crashed the Olympic 110m hurdles reunion on Friday, edging London Games gold medalist and world record-holder Aries Merritt at the Drake Relays athletics meeting.
Michelle Obama will be joined by Ambassador Louis Susman, two-time women's soccer gold medalist Brandi Chastain, women's gymnastics gold medalist Dominique Dawes, Paralympic javelin gold medalist Gabriel Diaz de Leon, men's basketball gold medalist Grant Hill and two-time women's swimming gold medalist Summer Sanders at the Opening Ceremony on July 27.
has introduced a transparent medical TPE gel that is said to be the softest compound yet in its Medalist product line.
Problems with handling ultra-soft materials in pellet form are said to be avoided with a new transparent medical elastomer gel in the Teknor Apex Medalist elastomer range, which the company says flows freely in pellet form and is readily processed in standard injection moulding machines.
Like all Medalist hunting apparel, the Stalker vest contains SilverMax[TM]--a 99.
Held in Jackson's Thalia Mara Hall, the program features performances by 12 celebrated IBC medalists, including 1998 Senior Gold Medalist Rasta Thomas; his wife, 1998 Junior Gold Medalist Adrienne Canterna; and 2006 Senior Bronze Medalist Yui Yonezawa.
Salvo was an individual medalist in sixleague matches and earned co-MVP honors in the Mission League, guiding the Knights to their fifth consecutive league title.
The 2007 Muscle Team will be joined by the following famous Muscle Team Alumni including: Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Gold Medalist, Bart Conner, Olympic Gold Medalist; Nadia Commaneci, Olympic Gold Medalist; Bobby Nystrom, NY Islanders; Carl Nelson, NY Giants; Keith Elias, NY Giants; Greg Murphy, NY Jets; Cal Ramsey, NY Knicks; Joe Pignatano, Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Mets; Mick Foley, WWF; Kym Hampton, NY Liberty; Rusty Kanokogi, champion Judo; Camille Duvall-Hero, champion water skiier.