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 (mē′dē-ē′vəl, mĕd′ē-, mĭ-dē′vəl)
Variant of medieval.

me′di·ae′val·ism n.
me′di·ae′val·ist n.
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He discusses all aspects, from the early mediaevalist works to the later portraits and argues that Millais enhanced his early influences with techniques from the past.
This would finally separate church and state and repeal the mediaevalist law forbidding a British monarch to marry a Roman Catholic.
This translation at least takes out of the problem the sheer linguistic difficulty of much of the work, and the access it provides to the text opens up intriguing intertextual possibilities for mediaevalists from different areas: Opinion's commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics (the first in the vernacular), the anti-Boethian defence of poetry, the revelation of the brilliance of Philosophy borrowed in from the end of the Paradiso, her final transformation into Theology.