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Attractive as a subject for reporting by news media: "a minor leaguer of bumptious manner and mediagenic good looks" (Larry Martz).


(Marketing) presenting an attractive or sympathetic image when portrayed in the media


(ˌmi di əˈdʒɛn ɪk)

having qualities or characteristics that are attractive when presented in the media.


adj (esp US) event, story, politician etcmedienwirksam
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The research objective was to garner mediagenic data around millennials' perceived financial situation and credit score to compare against and expand upon existing Experian data.
A collective "Awwwwww'' ricochets 'round the world as Britain's mediagenic royal couple, William and Kate, release photos of the equally mediagenic Prince George, upon his first birthday.
That definition may also address the problem of punishing the small but highly mediagenic group of females who have gone to Iraq and Syria primarily to become wives of foreign fighters.
Note to the media: Robert Bielsky, Founder and Chairman of mCr, is extremely mediagenic and can offer the best tips and advice regardingNew York Real Estate.
POST'S BURGER WASN'T THE FIRST synthetic meat to be exhibited in public before, only the most mediagenic.
Works on view ranged from Ai Weiwei's sprawling, mediagenic map of China made from cans of baby formula (which, due to the unreliable quality of foodstuffs elsewhere in China, is stockpiled by mainland visitors to Hong Kong) to Apichatpong Weerasethakul's intimate ghost video aptly installed in a tiny, typical Hong Kong apartment, to the video interview--presented on a modest monitor with headphones--with local journalist Fionnuala McHugh on the subject of SARS.
In one of the pivotal moments of his campaign, the March 18, 2008, speech on race prompted by concerns about his relationship with a third mediagenic black Chicagoan, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
But most are less mediagenic advances that contribute to sustainability, product safety, ease of use and other benefits.
Nevertheless, the unflappable and mediagenic al-Awlaki was often the go-to guy for sound bites on local and national broadcasts for the Muslim-American perspective on 9/11.
The fresh-faced and mediagenic Pena Nieto has come to rehabilitate his party's sullied reputation, and to execute a new strategy against the drug cartels with the priority of cutting down on the rampant violence which has plagued Mexico's weary populace over the past several years.
Following the 2009 national elections and a first term in which environmental matters received scant attention within the government, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed one of India's most talented and mediagenic younger politicians, Jairam Ramesh, to the environment portfolio.