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Attractive as a subject for reporting by news media: "a minor leaguer of bumptious manner and mediagenic good looks" (Larry Martz).


(Marketing) presenting an attractive or sympathetic image when portrayed in the media


(ˌmi di əˈdʒɛn ɪk)

having qualities or characteristics that are attractive when presented in the media.


adj (esp US) event, story, politician etcmedienwirksam
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While both activists and the intelligence services are hard at work mirroring "counter messages" through the same seductive mediagenic tactics as their rivals, "Command: Print" upended this process to do a necropsy on the formal mechanics of how deviance goes viral.
Yet, before the rise of a new media-induced breed of celebrity, Chris Rojek (2001) used celebrification to designate a broader and more diffuse cultural performance of mediated visibility, "the general tendency to frame social encounters in mediagenic filters" (p.
Neuromancer" (1988) creado por Interplay Productions y distribuido por Mediagenic.
As Kyle makes his case, Lee tries to use his mediagenic charm talk him down (generally making things much worse in the process) and Patty runs triage before her TV producer instincts kick in and she starts moving the cameras around for a better shot.
The latter category has far greater economic consequence than the mediagenic reports about attempts by well-known US companies, like Pfizer, to "invert" by merging with Allergan in Ireland, a deal killed by the US Treasury's April announcement.
A collective "Awwwwww'' ricochets 'round the world as Britain's mediagenic royal couple, William and Kate, release photos of the equally mediagenic Prince George, upon his first birthday.
That definition may also address the problem of punishing the small but highly mediagenic group of females who have gone to Iraq and Syria primarily to become wives of foreign fighters.
Note to the media: Robert Bielsky, Founder and Chairman of mCr, is extremely mediagenic and can offer the best tips and advice regardingNew York Real Estate.
Ogryzko-Wiewiorowska notes that "mass culture specialists have noticed the mediagenic appeal of the phenomenon of death.
POST'S BURGER WASN'T THE FIRST synthetic meat to be exhibited in public before, only the most mediagenic.
In one of the pivotal moments of his campaign, the March 18, 2008, speech on race prompted by concerns about his relationship with a third mediagenic black Chicagoan, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr.