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1. Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle; median.
2. Linguistics Being a sound, syllable, or letter occurring between the initial and final positions in a word or morpheme.
3. Mathematics Being or relating to an average or a mean.
4. Average; ordinary.
n. Linguistics
1. A voiced stop, such as (b), (d), or (g). Also called media2.
2. A sound, letter, or form of a letter that is neither initial nor final.

[Late Latin mediālis, from Latin medius, middle; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots.]

me′di·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.medially - in a medial position; "this consonant always occurs medially"
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Dark bands begin anteriorly along an irregular line that begins medially at the base of the ocularium and extends posterolaterally to a level near the anterior margin of coxa III; dark bands narrow posteriorly as their lateral borders move progressively away from the lateral margins of the body.
Because it is not ruptured, the labroligamentous structures will displace medially and rotate inferiorly on the scapular neck.
Abdominal sternite III with a row of 7 sensory pits and the sternites IV-VI each with a row of 8 sensory pits on their hind margins medially (Fig.
tarkabarka); tegumen simple, relatively short and narrow; valva medium-long, a proximal lobe relatively narrow, distal part slender, apically rounded; cucullus gradually dilated, apically broadly rounded; ampulla robust, strongly sclerotized, medially curved, apically rounded; costal margin strongly sclerotized, straight; sacculus smooth; vinculum very short, V-shaped.
Although some authors have advocated removal only for symptomatic patients, most have argued that a medially migrated tympanostomy tube should always be removed promptly.
Spiders overall very dark, reddish-brown to black, however, the carapace has white setae medially resulting in a distinct median band in live specimens (Fig.
Clypeus nitid black; projecting between frontal lobes, anterior border concave, surface concave, posterior border of clypeus medially convex, reflective with punctures at posterior margins; four long lateral suberect golden--yellow hairs present on clypeus.
The bone flattens out both medially and laterally at the sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular joints.
Secretion transport in the maxillary sinus starts inferiorly from the floor of the sinus and proceeds in a stellate pattern superiorly and medially to the natural ostium (figure, F).
4: 1); anterior aaargin distinctly arched, posterior margin obtusely excavated; median carina distinctly ridged, reaching or not reaching anterior margin, lateral carinae trongly ridged, not attaining posterior margin, with two short carinae between eyes and tegulae; disc of pronotum shallowly depressed, with small circular depression medially at each side of median carina.
3] a little shorter, 53-57), thin basally and widened medially, curved in basal part, smooth.
Abdominal terga of anterior segments with several strong stick-like plaques which are devoid of microtrichia and arranged in transverse rows medially while they are scattered marginally (Fig.