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(ˌmiːdɪˈeɪtrɪks) or


a female mediator


(ˌmi diˈeɪ trɪks)

n., pl. -a•tri•ces (-əˈtraɪ siz, -ˈeɪ trɪˌsiz)
a woman who mediates.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Late Latin]
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Noun1.mediatrix - a woman who is a mediatormediatrix - a woman who is a mediator    
go-between, intercessor, intermediary, intermediator, mediator - a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
References in classic literature ?
She obligingly consented to act as mediatrix in the matter.
It was therefore agreed that the young people of both families should visit each other frequently for the future, and the friendship of course lasted as long as the jovial old mediatrix was there to keep the peace.
Melvin Castro, director general of the Confraternity of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace, noted that stories of weeping images of Jesus' mother had surfaced in the media.
Humanity will never find peace if it does not return to my Immaculate Heart as Mother of Mercy and Mediatrix of men; and to the heart of my son Jesus" (Sr.
In her role as "the mediatrix of a divine redemptive presence," (48) Dinah offers to Hetty the most potent form of comfort available to one who is suffering: the comfort of another human being.
Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (Philippines) - "Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through comprehensive Bio Medical Equipment Management"
mother who in her role as Mediatrix pleads for sinners at the last
Some of our vendors are Matrix Comsec, Digium, Snom, Draytek, Mediatrix, Patton, Vu Telepresence and Viascope.
Mediatrix, which is an access devices and a secure gateway which delivers innovative VOIP communication solutions focused on the core benefits of IP telephony such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and security.
VoIP Supply, LLC to act as North American reseller for the Mediatrix line of VoIP Communications Solutions
An historian would notice the number of Australian bishops, provincial superiors and seminary theologians and canonists who wanted the doctrine of Mary as Co-Redeemer or Mediatrix of All Graces, to be defined as dogma.
Rather, they are an essential part of her character as mediatrix.