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Noun1.medical expense - amount spent for diagnosis or treatment or prevention of medical problemsmedical expense - amount spent for diagnosis or treatment or prevention of medical problems
disbursal, disbursement, expense - amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)
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According to a survey, one in four adults with health insurance are apprehensive that they will not be able to pay for a major unexpected medical expense.
The study found health plans have succeeded in stabilizing medical expense trends and in lowering them in 2009 and 2010.
As discussed in the August of 2010 article, only individuals itemizing their deductions on their federal individual income tax returns can claim a medical expense deduction.
Example: You pay a credit card bill that includes a medical expense.
Speltz had prepared a document that explained employees were eligible to receive up to $6,500 a year in medical expense reimbursements and specified the number of hours they must work to receive them.
These contributions are treated as an employer-provided medical expense and are not included in the employee's income.
Here is how is Humana's first dollar plan works: Employees are given $500 to use at their discretion for any type of covered medical expense, such as office visits, medical tests and hospital costs.
The ElderCare Task Force would like to remind CPAs that many long-term care insurance policies qualify as a deductible medical expense.
Also, premiums paid for a qualified longterm care insurance policy can be deducted from taxes as a medical expense, so long as medical expenses exceed 7.
The economic performance models have mainly been directed at primary care physicians, and the measures usually pertain to specialty referral, inpatient days per thousand covered lives, and total per-member-per-month medical expense for a covered population.

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