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Noun1.medical history - the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patientmedical history - the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient
case history - detailed record of the background of a person or group under study or treatment
family history - part of a patient's medical history in which questions are asked in an attempt to find out whether the patient has hereditary tendencies toward particular diseases
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This underwriter would broadly define antiselection as a state that exists when the proposed insured is aware of facts in his health habits (or lack thereof), medical history, avocations, and other scenarios that are intentionally not disclosed at the time of application.
Overall, however, this book is a valuable addition to the literature on medical history.
Dental assistants are the ideal auxiliaries to greet these special needs patients and ask the aforementioned pertinent medical history questions before the dentist meets and examines the patient.
While this system can define the population, there is no sampling and no information on medical history.
They can carry a full medical history and can be accessed and updated by battlefield medics, thus providing transportable records of patient care.
Investigators can gather much of the information about the child's medical history from records, as well as interviews with parents, guardians, or caretakers--of course, if the infant's death resulted from abuse, neglect, or homicide, these individuals may be suspects.
The first questionnaire gathered demographic information and answers to questions about many relevant variables, including ETS exposure, exposure to toxic substances at work, family medical history, personal medical history, physical exercise habits, and other preventive behaviors.
Of the group-one physicians who did not receive a medical history, 94% were likely to order more tests for the hypothetical patient who complained of a headache, and 39% believed that the headache might be a symptom of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, Ninety percent were likely to order additional tests for individuals who had severe abdominal pain, with 46% believing there might be a serious condition.
C4 will create targeted campaigns that will prominently feature YourOwnHealth's interactive medical history questionnaires.
Although the sources do not contribute anything new to the medical history of the plague, the rich descriptions and graphic accounts of epidemics found in the letters (many of which Martin quotes in extenso) add a human element lacking in most medical histories.
Once a person is no longer a standard risk, pricing for his or her policy will be influenced by effective presentation of the medical history.
But if a person's medical history doesn't point clearly to MS and the MRI is normal, I'd be very cautious.

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