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Noun1.medical school - a graduate school offering study leading to a medical degreemedical school - a graduate school offering study leading to a medical degree
grad school, graduate school - a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree
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Now I am aware that he is not only one of the heads of the medical school of the university, but a thinker of European reputation in more than one branch of science.
Medical school admissions for the class entering in the fall of 2003 were made in the wake of the University of Michigan decisions--and officials working with Chicago-area medical schools were paying attention.
Medical school administrators have been functionally free to resort to actionable or illegal acts such as defamation or physical mistreatment.
IN 1979, SHORTLY after the United States established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, a young Harvard Medical School student named David Eisenberg became the first American in decades to visit the country on a medical exchange program.
An important issue that needs empirical scrutiny is whether personal and psychosocial attributes that predict academic achievement in medical school and professional performance in medical practice vary in different cultures.
Medical students in a PBL curriculum are typically involved in clinical settings and hands-on patient interactions from their first days in medical school.
For many, getting into medical school is not as difficult as landing plum residencies, where grades and, more importantly, recommendations from medical school professors and deans make all the difference.
Hughes said he had considered going to medical school when he entered the Air Force Academy in 1985 but didn't know how to go about it.
Medical school is never easy on anyone, but for some gay men and lesbians who are studying medicine, getting into and through medical school can be a particularly challenging process.
A medical school was, indeed, established; it was first opened in 1972, and its first class graduated in 1976.
the medical school or hospital having overall authority and responsibility for the resident's graduate medical education) may be an agent for purposes of employment tax obligations under Sec.
Once a person has graduated from medical school and passed a licensing exam, he or she is eligible to participate in a program run by a sponsoring or participating institution as a resident, gaining needed experience before becoming fully licensed to practice medicine.

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