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Noun1.medical scientist - a scientist who studies disease processesmedical scientist - a scientist who studies disease processes
epidemiologist - a medical scientist who studies the transmission and control of epidemic diseases
immunologist - a medical scientist who specializes in immunology
scientist - a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
serologist - a medical scientist who specializes in serology
toxicologist - one who studies the nature and effects of poisons and their treatment
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ISLAMABAD -- Dr Mohammad Abdur Rab, a leading medical scientist, passed away in Canada after protracted illness.
Professor Abrahams said: "As the only clinical anatomist and medical scientist in a team of some of the world's most experienced Renaissance art historians and sculpture experts, it has been an amazing and exciting month of frenzied research.
The king of the one-liner and former medical scientist is appearing at the Lawrence Batley Theatre with a mix of observational humour and laugh-out-loud comedy.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran started construction of the Middle-East's largest oncology research center in a ceremony attended by the distinguished Iranian neurosurgeon and medical scientist, Professor Majid Samiei, in the Northern city of Rasht.
He was also told that since the mutation of a superior strain of bacillus survival of a species (as described by Darwin) the medical scientist would always have to keep at least one step ahead of the microbe.
in bioengineering at Rice University in Houston as part of a medical scientist training program.
Meanwhile, Irish medical scientist Professor Stephen O'Rahilly of the University of Cambridge receives a knighthood.
Some of these include increasing early exposure to research at the medical school level, initiating medical scientist training programs, fostering research in sub-specialty fellowships and developing essential Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other non-for-profit clinician-scientist awards.
Dr John Rees, medical scientist and founder of JRBiomedical, said: "Beta glucans can change the way our immune system functions.
It is distributed in the UK by JRBiomedical and will be sold through high street chain Boots Dr John Rees, medical scientist and founder of JRBiomedical, said: "Re-introducing beta glucan into our diets primes our immune system, making it better equipped to fight common and mutating viruses like colds and flu.
Peter, world renowned medical scientist and founder of Specialty Laboratories, died of complications from cancer Friday, Oct.
Far From Beyond" is a thriller following the successful medical scientist David, who has found he has an extra chromosome, creating a growth in his brain that will soon kill him.

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