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Noun1.medical specialist - practices one branch of medicinemedical specialist - practices one branch of medicine  
anaesthetist, anesthesiologist, anesthetist - a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated
baby doctor, paediatrician, pediatrician, pediatrist - a specialist in the care of babies
cardiologist, heart specialist, heart surgeon - a specialist in cardiology; a specialist in the structure and function and disorders of the heart
chiropodist, foot doctor, podiatrist - a specialist in care for the feet
dermatologist, skin doctor - a doctor who specializes in the physiology and pathology of the skin
diagnostician, pathologist - a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis
diplomate - medical specialist whose competence has been certified by a diploma granted by an appropriate professional group
doc, doctor, physician, Dr., MD, medico - a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
ear doctor, ear specialist, otologist - a physician who specializes in the ear and its diseases
embryologist - a physician who specializes in embryology
endocrinologist - physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the endocrine system
ear-nose-and-throat doctor, ENT man, otolaryngologist, otorhinolaryngologist, rhinolaryngologist - a specialist in the disorders of the ear or nose or throat
geriatrician, gerontologist - a specialist in gerontology
gynaecologist, gynecologist, woman's doctor - a specialist in gynecology
haematologist, hematologist - a doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs
hygienist - a medical specialist in hygiene
internist - a specialist in internal medicine
brain doctor, neurologist - a medical specialist in the nervous system and the disorders affecting it
accoucheur, obstetrician - a physician specializing in obstetrics
oncologist - a specialist in oncology
eye doctor, ophthalmologist, oculist - a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye
orthopaedist, orthopedist - a specialist in correcting deformities of the skeletal system (especially in children)
orthoptist - a specialist in orthoptics
proctologist - a doctor specializing in diseases of the rectum and anus
head-shrinker, psychiatrist, shrink - a physician who specializes in psychiatry
radiographer - a person who makes radiographs
radiologist, radiotherapist - a medical specialist who uses radioactive substances and X-rays in the treatment of disease
rheumatologist - a physician specializing in rheumatic diseases
urologist - a specialist in urology
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Contract awarded for one (1) medical specialist in pediatrics 06 hours for comprehensive assignment unit, office accreditation rights and chimaltenango drug
of how its products' field-based medical specialist tactics compare with other firms, the Business Excellence Board now offers a Sales & Marketing Health Check Service.
The City Council recently asked Parks to revisit the issue after a medical specialist in a separate court case provided new evidence that the restraint technique does not pose the threat to the breathing of suspects that was previously believed.
A medical specialist team from the Beijing Alarm Center, comprising an Intensive-Care-Unit trained doctor and flight nurse, arrived in Guangzhou on September 14 in a dedicated air ambulance, a Hawker 800XP, to escort the patient home to Taiwan.
Prior to visiting a new medical specialist, call the American Board of Medical Specialties, (800) 776-2378, to find out whether the physician is a board-certified specialist.
If the suspect collapsed, the dispatcher would see it happen and could quickly use the server console to locate the medical specialist also equipped with a console.
consumers who had seen a general practitioner or medical specialist in the past 10 years to ascertain their beliefs and concerns regarding implementing electronic medical records.
Holt, who has served as a ParadigmHealth Medical Specialist Consultant since 2003, will assume the responsibilities of current CMO Dr.
8% answered that they would consult with a medical specialist, 53.
Moss, who has served as a medical specialist for four years, suffered injuries as well as another soldier, Pfc.
Aetna (NYSE: AET) and PMA Medical Specialists LLC, of Phoenixville, Pa.
Contract notice: preparation of a comprehensive logistics training of doctors and medical specialists from the emergency departments of 33 hospitals project 02.

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