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 (mē′dē-ē′və-lĭst, mĕd′ē-)
1. A specialist in the study of the Middle Ages.
2. A connoisseur of medieval culture.


(ˌmɛdɪˈiːvəlɪst) or


(Education) a student or devotee of the Middle Ages
ˌmediˌevalˈistic, ˌmediˌaevalˈistic adj


or me•di•ae•val•ist

(ˌmi diˈi və lɪst, ˌmɛd i-, ˌmɪd i-, mɪdˈi və-)

1. an expert in medieval history, art, and culture.
2. a person who esteems medieval art and culture.


1. an expert in medieval history, literature, art, architecture, etc.
2. a person devoted to the art, culture, or spirit of the Middle Ages.
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[ˌmedɪˈiːvəlɪst] Nmedievalista mf


nMediävist(in) m(f)
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I was a new (though not particularly young) medievalist, but I knew Dinshaw to be a top scholar in medieval and gender studies, two of the fields most important to my own PhD work.
There will also be opportunities to get hands-on by having a go at the ancient local skill of wool weaving with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, building a bridge with Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society, or trying some calligraphy with Medievalist Dr Debs Thorpe.
Lewis, was a British novelist, academic, medievalist, literary critic and essayist.
Thus the comments of the American medievalist, James Given, may provide a sense of objectivity.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (BBC1, 8pm) Harrison Ford is back as adventurous Indiana Jones who this time goes in search of his father, the medievalist Dr Henry Jones (played by Sean Connery) who disappeared whilst searching for the Holy Grail.
Medievalist Dr Mark Redknap, from the National Museum of Wales, said: "Walls were both displays of strength and prosperity and helped to broadcast economic status.
With the exception of Larry Scanlon's "Langland, Apocalypse and the Early Modern Editor," which places a revisionary reading of Robert Crowley's Protestantism within a meditation on the relation between medievalist and early modernist new historicisms, the contributions are not present-minded or even Gadamerian, but rigorously historical, historicist, and anglocentric.
To the medievalist, Gaunt's book offers powerful rereadings of texts fundamental to the courtly tradition, and a wonderfully subtle exploration of the politics and poetics of gender.
The central thesis of Erin Labbie's Lacan's Medievalism is that Lacan can rightfully be considered a medievalist not only because he draws upon medieval texts in elaborating the concepts that constituted his return to Freud, but principally because his conceptualization of the unconscious situates him as a realist in the realism-nominalism debate that pervaded medieval philosophy.
Juliet, who lives in Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge, is the distinguished biographer of the Bront's; a medievalist and a scholar.
Bishop Wellington Boone, a black preacher, distributed a pamphlet entitled, "The Rape of the Civil Rights Movement: How Sodomites Are Using Civil Rights Rhetoric to Advance Their Preference for Sexual Perversion" Jenn Giroux of Cincinnati's medievalist Citizens of Community Values denounced feminism and proclaimed, to enthusiastic applause, "We want to be protected by men
The first, Boston Bohemia 1881-1900, chronicled Cram's surprisingly varied early career as writer, historian, medievalist, architect, Japanophile, critic and polemicist (often in the high Anglican interest).