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a. mediolateral, rel. a la parte media y a un lado del cuerpo.
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Mammographic evaluation was severely limited by the implanted mesh bilaterally on both craniocaudal (CC) and mediolateral oblique (MLO) views.
Supply of Episiotomy Scissors (reusable or single use) which optimises compliance with the following NICE guidelines CG190 Published date: December 2014 on Intrapartum care: care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth);If an episiotomy is performed the recommended technique is a mediolateral episiotomy originating at the vaginal fourchette and usually directed to the right side.
We recently identified a neuromechanical stabilization strategy that young, uninjured humans use to control mediolateral foot placement (FP) during both normal and mechanically perturbed walking [21].
007 CoPsd M/L : standard deviation of the CoP in the mediolateral axis; CoPsd A/P : standard deviation of the CoP in the anteroposterior axis; *: significantly lower compared with the same leg of the ACL group; # significant different compared with the other leg of the same group, p < 0.
There were too few vacuum assisted de liveries and mediolateral episiotomies "both of which are increasing at our institution to detect any association between these procedures and severe lacerations.
Table 2 Problems Faced at Arthroplasty Number of cases Patellar tracking problem with lateral release 2 Mediolateral instability 3 Severe medial bone loss requiring wedges 2 Depressed lateral plateau 1 Deficient lateral femoral condyle 1 Internal torsion of proximal tibia 2 External torsion of proximal tibia 1 Lateral translation proximal tibia 18 Recurvatum of proximal tibia 3 Medial slope of plateau 3 Lateral slope of plateau 3 Increased posterior slope of plateau 1 Posterior translation of proximal tibia 1 Anterior translation of proximal tibia 1 Hard sclerotic bone 1
In addition to forward and vertical acceleration of the whole-body center of mass, walking also involves mediolateral acceleration of the center of mass.
The finding persists on a spot compression MLO view and a full mediolateral view.
Kinematic measures were used to determine the velocity of the centre of mass (COM) in the anteroposterior (running speed) and mediolateral (lateral movement speed) planes.
When he performs an episiotomy in such women, he is more likely to do a mediolateral incision than a midline incision in the hope that it will lower their risk of a severe tear.
The shape of the nail and the insertion of distal locking screws contribute to fractures of the femoral shaft, as does the mediolateral curve of 10[degrees] in the stem.